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I am planning on relocating to Houston after I finish my RN degree next May. It is hard for new grads where I currently live (in the St. Louis, MO area) to get jobs, and I'm wondering if the same is the case in Houston or other parts of Texas. I prefer to live in Houston since I have friends there, but I'm willing to relocate to other parts of texas if the job market is right. Can anyone give me any insight?

Also, I'd be interested in knowing what you all think about the Kingswood, Sugarland, or Katy areas, as those are the areas in Houston I am considering moving to.

Thanks in advance.


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I don't have any personal knowledge about Austin, however there appear to be a fair number of postings here.


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Y'all come on down! You won't find anyone offering relocation assistance and hiring bonuses are pretty much a thing of the past for inexperienced nures, but Houston is still new-grad friendly. Population is growing and we're opening up new hospitals that have to be staffed. However, be sure you start your search early and don't limit yourself to the Medical Center.

Houston is an acquired taste (I love it) that takes some "gettin used to" for most people because it is really not what they expect. If possible, try to arrange for a visit to H-town before committing yourself to moving here.


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I'm finding the market for new nurses difficult. Very few opportunities exist for GN's.

I'm just a student nurse, but I looked at some job postings of a few of the the big hospitals here in Houston and there actually weren't that many options in variability of openings. I wondered where the pages and pages went. In a whole though, Texas still might offer more oppurtunities than other regions, but I would have to say with all that oppurtunity comes extra competition.

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FYI, I don't know much about it but I have heard horror stories about a company called "GroupOne" which is used my many Texas hospitals, particularly the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Something about employers blacklisting you if you get on their bad side, making future employment difficult. I have heard from a few Texans who have said that RNs in Texas "know better" than to get involved with companies who utilize groupone, which is why there may be openings. Not to offend anyone involved with these companies or start rumors, but I have heard things, and there are forums on AllNurses about GroupOne, so just do some research. Good luck to you!


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It is not looking very good in Austin at all. I am graduating in December and plan on relocating. The 2 main hospital networks here are St.David's and Seton. St.David's just sent out an email stating that they are not hiring any GNs for the rest of the year.

At Seton, it sounds like they will only hire you into Med/Surg. I have heard 2 different recruiters speak in the last week, and both of them want your top 3 choices to be Med/Surg for the February Versant Cohort. No NICU, L&D, ER positions for new grads. If you want to transfer to a specialty unit, you have to wait 2 years to do so. They also said they received 500 applications for 60 spots. :stone

Does anyone have information about the El Paso & DFW areas?


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Does anyone have information about the El Paso & DFW areas?

R u a new grad? If so right now only Baylor Health has openings for new grads which starts in january on various units but keep checking Texas health resources, Methodist health, Parkland, HCA e.g medical city of dallas etc might open soon, there are other hospitals in the DFW but you can browse and see what you can get. Some hospitals dont offer New grad program but they do hire new grads and i guess you get trained on the openings they might have. Also Methodist Health (San Antonio) has openings which start next month i'm actually doing a phone interview with them and i hope i get in. Good Luck


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im a new grad, lvn and i just landed a job at a nursing home. to begin with hiring at hospitals is kinda hard. it takes up to 3 weeks for them just to process your application. you can work at nursing homes before moving to a hospital. You will get a job, guaranteed.

Hi guys

Wondering how is the job market in Texas, its horrible where I live (NJ) and I heard that Texas is one among the few states that hire new grads.:yeah: Some of the nurses who work with me in LTC will kill to get a hospital job :banghead: . Please let me know how do you feel about Texas overall, I know its hot and the house prices seems to be ok, But like to what you all think. Thanks in advance for your inputs.

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