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This thread is great! I like these:

Just smile :) and let it be.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world-Ghandi


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"Fear is an emotion, it is not a barrier to successful behavior. You can be completely scared out of your wits and function totally competently."

ComeTogether, LPN

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"Drink life as it comes , straight. No chaser". And. "No day but today" oh, and "this too shall pass", but I apply it to all aspects. The good things will pass and the bad things will pass. :-).

"No day but today"


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When my husband graduated from Infantry training, the general who spoke at the ceremony said this:

"This is the life you chose."

He reminded them that they would all deploy within a year, and would many times wonder why they had to work so hard and suffer so much and be away from their families. He wasn't wrong. But my husband and I would remind each other of that phrase and move past the complaints. After all, we'd chosen it.

This has helped me so many times. Whatever happens, I have a choice about the outcome. When I wonder why my job is going crappy or why school is so hard...I just remind myself that I am responsible for it, not someone else. And I am responsible for doing something about it.


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Today is my first test

I'm going to my two favorites

I think I can, I think I can!!!!

If others can/did it so can I


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There will always be people with more. But there will always be more people with less.

Zombi RN

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"Every day is a test!"


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The sky is pink

As in if the teacher says the sky is pink, you pick pink on the test.


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Why choose failure when success is an option?

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Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try.

Not a Star Wars fan, but this scrolled across the screen of the computer I used for school to remind me the only option was success.


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I will not give up, they will have to pull the pencil out of my cold dead hand, before I quit!!


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I have been using the Nemo "just keep swimming" for YEARS!!! I sing it in my head, if nothing else it makes me smile! I also pass it on to any person I encounter that is struggling.

Nemo is good for a lot of life lessons.

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