What to wear?


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Been talked about before, but now with covid, just wondering everyone's thoughts:

I wear street clothes, but am thinking of getting scrubs. While I am not sure if its necessary or worth the investment yet, as we have no plan for school yet, but just thinking ahead.

What are your thoughts if you wear street clothes, will you continue? I work in k-6, and really have never had any issues with my street clothes getting soiled or anything.

Thanks for any input!

shark_nurse14, BSN, RN

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I typically wore street clothes, up until this year. Around Dec/Jan we had so many kids with flu, or flu-like illness, that I just felt like I needed something I could wash/wear without concern. I wasn't about to wash my $80 jeans after every wear and I was running around like a crazy person so I needed something comfortable.

This upcoming school year I am definitely going full scrubs, or scrub bottoms and t-shirt/scrub jacket. My school will have an isolation nursing office upon opening, and nurses will rotate days in there where we should be wearing full PPE all day, so it just makes sense at this time. Also, you truly can't beat the pockets.

I am switching to scrubs/scrub bottom/spirit wear t-shirts

Flare, ASN, BSN

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I generally wore scrubs mixed in with my array of street clothes. Last year before school started I took a page out of @OldDude 's book and decided to establish myself a uniform. I bought a few pairs of black scrubs and wore those nearly every day. Did a load of blacks in the wash on weekends and began again 🙂


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I have always worn scrubs, so will just continue with that!

Bulldogs, CNA, EMT-B

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usually black scrub pants some type of school t shirt and a scrub jacket is my basic every day look I might wear jeans on Friday's with the rest of the staff if I feel like it.