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  1. cid1

    What to wear?

    I am switching to scrubs/scrub bottom/spirit wear t-shirts
  2. cid1

    Parent Pick-Up of Sick Kiddo

    I put them on speaker. No way I am letting a kids phone touch me.
  3. cid1

    OTC meds for Staff

    Do you have OTC medication for staff? Do you give it out or let them take it? Do you have a policy on it?
  4. cid1

    my office is NOT a nap room!

    As long as no fever, behavior problem not medical problem!
  5. Kid chewed a pretzel that a friend gave him with peanut butter inside. After chewing, realized it and spit it out, but reaction was starting. Vitals were all normal and lungs clear. Gave Benadryl while calling parents. Started with hives around mouth. Gave Epi pen and called 911. Mom and ambulance rolled up at same time and kiddo transported. Kid learned not to eat anything from someone else.
  6. cid1

    Help with a head injury

    I have a student out since September from an altercation with another student causing a concussion- has been out since. Homebound tutoring only began 6 weeks ago and just got continued for an additional 6 weeks. I have so many issues with it including student not being in school but going on school trips and flying in airplanes with seemingly no issues. Our district seems to not be fighting anything mom wants due to potential lawsuit. It is crazy! No advice, sorry!
  7. cid1

    Oh the things I am learning

    Well, that depends if they have a peanut allergy or a tree nut allergy or both
  8. cid1


    Just a couple weeks ago had an afebrile middle schooler with vague stomach ache. Ate crackers and water in my office, not much better but not worse. Sent her to lunch to see if she was hungry. Returned without eating after about 15 minutes. Walked into my office and had non stop vomiting. Mom took to ER. Unable to "officially diagnose due to pain". Surgeon went in and appendix had already ruptured. Drains, IV antibiotics, the whole 9! Ugh I felt terrible...nothing I could have done different though!
  9. cid1

    diabetic question

    I do number 2 for injection kids. Number 1 for pump kids
  10. cid1

    Nurses on field trips

    My district sends a nurse if nursing judgement has to be used. So basically Diabetic and seizure kids WITH emergency medication are the only time we send a nurse. We always off for the parent to go first. Daily medication can be given by a teacher here
  11. cid1

    prn to scheduled

    Is the child sick or recently been sick and it is for a short amount of time or every day?
  12. A nurse in my district a while back used an undesignated Epi pen on a bad asthmatic. It helped and she went to ER with 911.
  13. cid1

    Vaccine Exemption letters...

    I can't find any religion that is against vaccines, and I have spent more time than I am willing to admit on google. Some Orthodox Jewish groups, but not on a whole. It is all ridiculous in my humble opinion
  14. cid1

    Narcan- Do you stock it?

    Our high school stocks it, we do not have in middle schools
  15. cid1


    I have two kids not related with an allergy to Advil!?!?!
  16. cid1

    Medication consent

    Is it an inhaler or Epi pen prescribed for a specific student? I would not withhold care and cause a 911 call/hospital visit if I can give a prescribed inhaler. With or without a signature

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