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  1. cid1

    Wiping bottoms

    Nope, nope nope. I will not be behind closed doors with any student. We have aides in my district that get a diapering stipend. Those are who is responsible.
  2. cid1

    How many?

    I am responsible for 1 middle school with 875 students. Just me, no assisstant.
  3. cid1

    How long was your training for school nursing?

    When I was a sub I oriented in each building for 1/2 day. When I got full time job in my building I am in now, I hadn't subbed here in over 2 years and got NO orientation. Just figured it out as I went.
  4. cid1

    Nurses on field trips

    My district sends a nurse if nursing judgement has to be used. So basically Diabetic and seizure kids WITH emergency medication are the only time we send a nurse. We always off for the parent to go first. Daily medication can be given by a teacher here
  5. cid1

    prn to scheduled

    Is the child sick or recently been sick and it is for a short amount of time or every day?
  6. A nurse in my district a while back used an undesignated Epi pen on a bad asthmatic. It helped and she went to ER with 911.
  7. cid1

    Vaccine Exemption letters...

    I can't find any religion that is against vaccines, and I have spent more time than I am willing to admit on google. Some Orthodox Jewish groups, but not on a whole. It is all ridiculous in my humble opinion
  8. cid1

    Narcan- Do you stock it?

    Our high school stocks it, we do not have in middle schools
  9. cid1


    I have two kids not related with an allergy to Advil!?!?!
  10. cid1

    Medication consent

    Is it an inhaler or Epi pen prescribed for a specific student? I would not withhold care and cause a 911 call/hospital visit if I can give a prescribed inhaler. With or without a signature
  11. cid1

    Petty and not proud of it

    What is pna?
  12. cid1

    Diabetes Question

    No, but her ss was only used for BG. We divided carbs by 8.
  13. cid1

    Lockdown kits

    I made diabetic emergency kits only. They are in every scheduled teachers bag as well, as pe, library, aides, etc. I do the best I can, but who knows where student will end up. 2 doses of glucose tabs, peanut butter crackers, and a non perishable chocolate milk. Included a note that they are for diabetics only "diabetic kids can die without eating, your other students will just be hungry". Change out expired items each school year.
  14. cid1

    Diabetes Question

    I had a student last year with SS for BG, but I always found the mom had that put in so there wasn't math needed for correction. So instead of doing BG-120/40, it was already figured out essentially. BUT, we still counted carbs of course. Best Practice/evidence based practice is for carb counting
  15. cid1

    Diabetes Question

    There should be carb coverage. Do you have orders from a doctor? Call them!!
  16. cid1

    Teacher’s Union?

    I am in our support staff union. Depending on state if you don't join the union you may still have to pay into it something called fair share as you reap the benefits of their negotiations. My union helps with grievances, provides an attorney to defend you in the event of lawsuit, negotiates pay, sick time, etc. You can also get travel, and insurance discounts and some local discounts as well.