What type of education do you have?


  1. How far have you advanced your education?

    • 3
    • 8
      LPN pursuing RN
    • 12
      ADN/ASN RN
    • 8
      RN pursuing BSN or bridging to MSN
    • 24
      BSN RN
    • 9
      BSN pursuing MSN
    • 6
    • 2
      MSN pursing advanced degree
    • 27
      Still in Nursing School
    • 1
      PhD, DNP, or other nursing-related doctorate

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Just curious to see how far everyone has gotten and if they're going any further.

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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I'm currently an LVN with a diploma of vocational nursing that I earned at a trade school in California. I also have accrued about 38 college credits worth of RN prerequisite classes that I completed at my local community college within the last year. My intention is to earn my RN licensure within the next couple of years.

TazziRN, RN

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My education level is not on there, therefore I did not vote.

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RN, ADN want to further my education but I first need to recover from nursing school.


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I just received my BSN May '07. I have thought about continuing on for my master's and concurrently getting my NP certificate, but still haven't really decided as to whether I really want to do it or not. My husband is supportive of it. I think I am wanting to get some experience under my belt first. The hospital I work for will pay for continuing education so long as you get a B or better for graduate courses (C or better for undergraduate courses). I figure I'd not be too smart to take them up on the offer of paying me to get educated further. I think I only have a couple issues with going for my Master's. First would be trying to do the schooling while trying to work. I work night shift and I would imagine that I'd normally be sleeping during the time that the classes would be held. I also hate doing research...and a lot of the curriculum is research..UGH. I'm able to do it, just don't like it :) Benefits would be furthering my knowledge and opening up other career opportunities that maybe I wouldn't have without the higher degrees. Another plus is giving my four daughters a good role model. They've already watched me go through college for my BSN and I know how very proud they are of me. I feel I'm showing them that it doesn't matter your circumstances...if you set your mind to something, you can do it. So, still up in the air about continuing on for more college or not.

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My education level is not on there, therefore I did not vote.

And what degree might that be?


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I have a bachelors and master degree from a previous life. Currently, I'm pursing my LPN and will most likely get my RN BSN. Then I will be be done with school, finally!!!!!!

allnurses Guide

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My educational level wasn't listed, either. I have a PhD in nursing.

I went the traditional route ... got a BSN at age 22 ... an MSN at age 26 .... and my PhD at age 41.

TazziRN, RN

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And what degree might that be?

I have an ADN. It's not listed. It goes from LVN to RN to BSN.


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Just got my LPN in March, and I start my RN in two monthes, plus I already have a BA

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The poll has been updated to add the omissions. Sorry about the omission.


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I have my Bachelor of Science with Nursing Major, and I graduated in May 2007.:lol2: As of now I'm still waiting to take the NCLEX, I take it for the third time. I've always struggled with test taking since I was little. (The ACT's were hard for me too.) So why should the NCLEX be any different? But I'm taking a review course and practicing many questions on a CD and on the internet website. So hopefully that helps.

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