What supplies do you carry on you?


Starting in the ED in a few weeks, and i was wondering what supplies you carry on you daily.

I have a pen light and a stethescope, what else do i need! =)


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I carry a stethoscope, 2 pens, penlight, Kelly clamps, tape, scissors, and my ACLS quick reference guide.

Good luck! You'll love it! :)

psu_213, BSN, RN

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Stethoscope, forceps, tape, scissors, alcohol prep pads


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stethoscope, trauma shears, hemostats, silk and plastic tape, penlight.

LouisVRN, RN

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I work med/surg so I'm sure its a little different but my stethoscope, pulse ox, tape, coban, alcohol wipes, saline flushes, and usually a pair of scissors and some 2x2s just in case.

Liz, RN

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Seems like everyone covered the basics... The only other thing is my patient info.. U know name, dx, pmh, labs/tests...

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Stethoscope, red and black pen, dry erase marker (for info board in patients room), scissors, phone (work phone only - mine stays in my locker), penlight, EKG calipers, super tiny notebook with my important tid bits, ETOH pads, saline flushes, "brains" (notecards with individual patient info), blue caps (for the end of IV tubing).

I used to carry tape but have since stopped after reading some research regarding the transmission of microorganisms throughout the unit this way.

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Stethescope, penlight (docs always ask to use it), alcohol pads, 2x2gauze,2x2clear (IV trouble shooting) tape, laminated cheat card with frequently used phone no of other departments, scissors, forceps, 1-2 saline flushes kept sterile. Multipurpose pen- red & black ink and pencil (my purpose only). plastic tape measure (cleaned after every use) One hospital did not have keys attached to O2 tank after an emergency needing one i carried one in pocket. laminated cheat sheet for 500/1000cc fluid per hour as well as piggyback volumes for things like gent dilantin etc. In My clipboard which is 1-2 inches deep I keep info about drugs freq used, little gems handed out from drug companies like reference card for proper placement of EKG and other useful guides the hospital provided during orientation. On top of clip board was computerized pt info with cover paper for pt privacy. Yes pockets may be a little full but my feet thanked me at the end of my shift.


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Tape, 2x2s, flushes, alcohol swabs, IV caps, trauma shears, Kelly clamps, and penlight.

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Pen, tape, kelley clamp, trauma shears, stethoscope, and tarascon emergency medicine pocket guide


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two pens, paper and plastic tape, pen light, alcohol pads, 1 or 2 NS flushes, scissors, hemostats


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scissors, black pen, green pen (to note orders), glasses, stethoscope, note pad for writing stuff down when I answer the phone, clipboard w patient sbar(s)