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  1. Nire83

    Dealing With Weak Nurse Managers!

    You need to get a new job! This literally blows me away that professionals adults are acting like this! Just for an example - We have 6 assignments, each nurse has 5 patients MAX (usually only 4). We try to keep 2 trauma rooms open for traumas, but everyone helps out each other if someone has a heavy load. Our charge nurse, an extra triage nurse or a float nurse will cover breaks. When i have a room open up I will either chose a patient to pull from triage, or while one of the triage nurses is floating around checking out the floor they will ask me to hold a room if i have a patient leaving. If we have an ambulance coming in its the same thing, if there are no open rooms and i have a patient leaving i will be asked to hold the room. No favoritism or cliques. You deserve better than to work in the place you are describing!
  2. Nire83

    Don't you hate those bad IV days?

    The worst is when you have a pt with great veins....and TELL THEM THAT....and then miss!
  3. Nire83

    Would appriciate advice to a new ER RN

    Oh - i forgot to add some stuff! Do you have order sets that you can order? If an abd pain is coming in i will order a bunch of things to get the pt going so during the first quick hello i'll get a line put in and labs done, ask the pt to give a urine sample and then ask the tech to pick it up and dip it when the pt is done. I'll draw several tubes to be spun so unless something special needs to be ordered i will basically have all the blood for any add on tests the doctor orders.
  4. Nire83

    Would appriciate advice to a new ER RN

    1) Speed: Go in and say hi to your pt, QUICK focused assessment. Wait for the orders then go back in and do EVERYTHING. IV, meds, fluids...etc at the same time. 2) Delegating: Just speak up and when you know something is coming in tell the techs what you need. Our techs do a lot of blood draws (if im not starting an IV, or couldnt get labs), EKGs, urines, ambulating, meal ordering, paging for xray etc... When an ambulance is coming in i will say "We have a chest pain coming in, can you please grab the EKG machine, get vitals and hook the pt up to the monitor." Again, get EVERYTHING done in one trip to the room. Its a pain but i will often grab another nurse too if i know i have a very sick patient coming in and i need to get a line (or 2) in, labs done, an EKG, foley placed..etc..etc. If you are drowning tell your charge nurse, thats what they are there for. 3) This may be a facility issue - our codes (and yours) should be very organized. Someone on meds/tasks, someone on monitor, someone documenting. If we know a trauma/arrest is coming its important for someone to speak up and say "Who is doing what?" If my patient in a room codes i will scream "I NEED HELP IN HERE" and just start with the ABC's - just get chest compressions going ASAP. BLS first. Good luck - it takes time but just lean on your other co-workers and be sure to be there for them when they are having a heavy pt load day too!
  5. Nire83

    Gave my son an Epi Pen!

    Thanks guys - def not looking for medical advice =) I agree its a fine line between momma and nurse!
  6. Nire83

    Gave my son an Epi Pen!

    Just wondering what you guys would have done, and if you think i overreacted?! He is 2 years old and pretty verbal. Has a ? allergy to Tuna so we have an Epi Pen jr for this. Yesterday he jumped on a bee hive that was under the ground and started screaming. I grabbed him and ribbed his clothes off and saw a sting on his leg and ear. I asked him where his boo-boo was and he kept pointing to his ear. Listened to his lungs and they were perfectly clear, no hives....but then after about 5 minutes his lips started to swell. I grabbed the Epi, gave it to him and called 911. They were great, O2 was perfect and it was nice to have a 2nd set of ears tell me that he had no wheezing. We figured that he must have been stung in the lip too. Am i crazy?! lol, sometimes i think that too much information/knowledge may sometimes be a bad thing, but you know what...i would have done it again given the same situation. Oral swelling = not something to mess with!
  7. Nire83

    Certifications/training for a new ER nurse

    I'm starting in the ER in a few weeks and was told that i would need to be there a year to get my TNCC. I guess every place is different. I would think it would be worth it to just hang out and soak in as much as possible for the next 6 months and then persue some certifications.
  8. Starting in the ED in a few weeks, and i was wondering what supplies you carry on you daily. I have a pen light and a stethescope, what else do i need! =)
  9. Nire83

    New job - how to tell them I'm pregnant?

    No she hasnt, i asked. She told me that i legally didnt have to tell them. grrr. No one wants a lawsuit! haha. I just dont want to **** anyone off and address it the best way possible.
  10. I just accepted a new position within my company, a transfer. I interviewed when i was 14 weeks, so i was just entering my 2nd trimester and really was JUST telling people. I also was told by several people not to mention it at the interview. I got the job, and now i am 16 weeks. My manager wants me to stay for a few extra weeks to help train my replacement....and i wont be starting at the new position until i am 21 WEEKS!!! eeeks! I'm gonna walk in on my first day with this big belly that i didnt have in the interview. Should i call my new manager and tell her over the phone, or should i just wait until the first day? I know that legally i am not required to tell them...but i want to. Any advice on the best way to handle this? eeeks! I feel so guilty!
  11. Nire83

    Would you do it all again?

    Yes - but after 2 years out of school i finally feel like I have my opportunity! Worked outpatient for 2 years doing no clinical skills at all. Phone traige. It SUCKED. I have applied for thousands for positions and have only had a few interviews. Finally i took another out patient position within a hospital system hoping to be able to transfer. Was then told by HR that they werent hiring inpatient nurses that didnt have inpatient experince as a nurse.....BUTTTT...I made some connections FINALLY and got a position to start in the ED next week!!!!!! I seriously was bawling my eyes out because this is what I've been waiting for! Just find a job where you may be able to make some connections and hope for the best! There was seriously some pretty bad times where i thought it was a stupid move to become a nurse, and that i should have just stayed a medical assistant.
  12. Nire83

    ED as first clinical RN position?

    Great advice backpacking! Thank you for the tips! so......I GOT THE JOB!!!! I CANNOT believe it! I have been waiting 2 years for this; to feel like an actual nurse and to use clinical skills! I have a 12-20 week (depending on what i need) orientation with 2 preceptors and they said i wont have an acuity 1 patient for A YEAR! I am thrilled that not only is this an amazing experience, but that they actually arent throwing me in with no resources...and that i'll get the support and training that i need. PHEW! I think that was my biggest fear. Good luck backpacking - you'll do great!
  13. Nire83

    Two-minus-one pregnancy

    Her choice, her life. I know a woman who was 41 at the time who reduced from 3 to 1...and that baby was then born at 27 weeks. If she had 3 she would have lost them all weeks earlier no doubt.
  14. Nire83

    ED as first clinical RN position?

    Thanks guys! Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for an amazing preceptor!
  15. Nire83

    Graduated 12/10, still no job, giving up...

    I have a girlfriend who graduated with my 12/09 who still doesnt have a job either. She is planning on doing some flu clinics this year to try and at least keep up with some clinical skills. She's still working at a sub shop. =(
  16. I'm kinda scared! I've been out of school 2 years and have only been able to get jobs in the outpatient setting doing phone triage...and it kills me! I've continued to apply to everything inpatient and have never (before now) even been called in for an interview. =( I keep being told that they arent hiring nurses without any inpatient experince as an inpatient nurse. Makes sense huh?! Anyway, on Friday I'm going in for my 2nd ED interview and to shadow another nurse for the day. I am FREAKING OUT!!! I reallly love the ED, and was an EMT in highschool and a float aid in college, but i feel like i should have had some much other RN experince before ending up there. I dont really even know cardiac rhythyms well. But i wont pass it up if they offer me the job because literally i think this may be my only way in...or i'll be stuck outpatient forever. Any words of wisdom?