What stethoscope did you buy?

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(the post about using the scope made me think of this question...)

I just ordered a Littmann Classic II S.E. Stethoscope which was recommended to me by a friend who is a nurse as a good one for school.

Maggie in NC

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Where did you order it from?

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Check out local uniform/medical supply shops, or online at allheart.com or pocketnurse.com.


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I had a Littman in school, but haven't used it since working as an RN. I swear that the hospital issued stethoscopes, the cheapy $5 ones, work the best for hearing respiratory & bowel sounds. Since I don't work on a cardiac floor & don't have tele, I don't need a Littman. You may want to buy a real cheap one & a Littman, and compare -- it may be easier to learn breath sounds with the cheap one. Any of them will do to check blood pressure.


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I got a Littman II, also, and I swear the cheapie I used from school worked a lot better. Some of my nursing friends had recommended the Littman. But I agree, if you're not working in cardio and just in school, I'd go get the cheapie for now.

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I have a Littmann lightweight II SE. I like it so far, but haven't started clinicals yet. It was around $34. I guess we'll see what happens when I really get to use it.


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I bought a Littman Cardiology III. My hearing is not that great, so I wanted to get the best steth I could afford. I got it from allheart.com for $116.


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i have the littman cardiology as well. it was a gift from my wonderful mom.:) i love it!!!


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I got a Littmann Classic II SE also, in turquoise. I also received another steth with a B/P kit I ordered off of eBay, so I have a "backup".

I forgot to get it engraved. I want to get that done before school starts.


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Littmann Classic II SE for clinicals


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I forgot to add engraving to mine too, gotta get that done!! Mine is purple and cost 55.00 so it wasn't too bad. So, you have to buy your own BP kit?? We weren't told to buy those, so I didn't... Hmmmmm


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littman classic for clinical.....now I have a littman cardiologyIII.....have a lightweight as well that I dont use really...thats the one I let the docs borrow when they come in so they dont walk off with the cardiology one....hehe...but ya know....still LOVE my classic.

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