What does the state BON screen say if you failed NCLEX?

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I have a friend who just took boards on Thursday. She went on the BON Friday and Saturday and all that it said was, "Exam taken on ..-..-...." I was just curious what the screen will say if one fails (hopefully this is not her case because she has such anxiety). I have asked her to do the PVT trick (myself and 4 other classmates did this and it was right for all of us) but she doesn't want to. Can anyone shed any light on this for me?


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This would vary from state to state. Either she will get a screen that provides her license number or a letter stating she failed. Either way, her official results will come in the mail.

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It is different for each state. In my state if you fail your graduate work permit number will show it has expired as of the day you took the nclex. If you passed you will have a RN license number.


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In PA, if you fail, your name doesn't show up.


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Mine says the same thing as your friend's and I failed.


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I live in PA and I took my nclex-rn exam yesterday and after 75 questions it turned off and I'm most certain I failed. The day after all my friends took their test it showed up on the state licensure site their RN license number and everything. So does anyone know if I failed since mine still has yet to show up?? It has been 24 hours since I took it and still nothing so I'm freaking outt!!! and I tried the pearson vue trick and it won't let me reschedule for another test but also my previous test is still up on the page. Does anyone have any clue as to what is going on or what I should think?! Thank youuu!!


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i took the Nclex yesterday,,,got all 265 questions,,keep looking and my status says pending,,,will the status say that i failed,,oh and im in ohio...i did the pearsonvue trick,,four hours after the test it wouldnt let me register but today it let me go all the way,,,,hoping this doens't mean i failed,,,anyone out there have anything good to tell me..pleeeeeaaaassseee

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Jen13218-- did u pass?? My friend is going through the same thing-- I really hope you passed!!! :)) thanks for your reply!!


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I didn't pass and after about three days of crying and being sick to my stomach,,I set forth a plan pulled out all of my notes and powerpoints,,going through the HESI study book and the saunders nclex study book,,,I read something about Kaplan tests or something of that sort,,,gonna check into that...


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I know this is a really old thread but does anyone know what it means when it say "completed" next to NCLEX on your checklist but nothing next to the committee approval?


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I actually want to know the same thing.  I know its been a while, but I would love to know what happened..