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  1. leaveittogodRN

    I failed :(

    Please don't be discouraged!! This might vary from state to state, but here in MN as long as you have completed a year of clinicals from Nursing school, employers can use that in lieu of a Nursing Assistant certificate! I was able to work as a Nurs...
  2. leaveittogodRN

    What To Do When You Fail The NCLEX-RN

    Congratulations RN!!! So did you solely use NCSBN's Comprehensive Online Review this time around or did you take Kaplan as well? I am retaking the exam in a few weeks and I'm not sure if I should opt for NCSBN's review too or stick with my Saunde...
  3. leaveittogodRN

    Pearson Vue Trick - Poll once you receive your results

    PVT works, no doubt!!!
  4. leaveittogodRN

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    Just wanted to let you all know that the PVT does really work!!! I got the cc page and I found out I failed today. Congratulations to all those who got the good pop-up, you clearly PASSED!!