What shoes do you wear in the OR?

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I'm looking for something resistant to betadine and blood stains that I can clean without ruining. Good traction a plus. Any suggestion on which ones are more comfortable and work well for you? My foot runs wide.

I'm sorta choosing between these Keens: keenf391356_158017_jb1.jpg

any Sanita clogs:159314_1_.jpg

and any Dansko clog:934485-p-DETAILED.jpg

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Personally, I like my Quark clogs. Waterproof, and if for any reason something nasty gets inside them, the insoles are completely replaceable for about $10. I've been in the OR for over 5 years, and I'm still on my second pair, with changing the insoles every 3-4 months, mostly because I'm no skinny mini and wear them out.

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I have gone through all the expensive brands; but my all time favorite are the simple & cheap Crocs. I have multiple pairs in multiple styles. My favorite is the "specialist" style:


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I like the Keens. I just bought a pair of Landau FootWear RX shoes. $40 and they are comfortable and have great arch support.

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The Sanita clogs are worn by some of the nurses where I work, and since they don't have a smooth surface, all kinds of gunk gets in them. I have a friend who also wears the particular Dansko clog you are showing, but the heel is a bit weird, as it tapers from the base to the heel, making ankle twisting a probability. I tried them on and I felt like I was wearing heels. Unstable.

I bought some patent leather Danskos because they clean up so easily. They are expensive, but worth it because my feet don't hurt at all when I come home. Just my head does...but seriously, I get blood, Betadine, Chloraprep, bone fragments, etc on them and I just squirt some cleaner onto a towel and wipe them clean. Best shoes I have had for the OR.

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Another vote for Crocs Specialist here. A lot of people over here also wear Toffeln Flexi clogs. Do you get them?

I wear klogz and its very comfortable for me. Its stain-resistant too. Just wipe it with the clorox wipes and its good as new!

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I have been wearing Sanita/Dansko Professional clogs for years but recently tried a pair of Super Birki Clogs. Both are great with sturdy construction, good support, and wipe clean!

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Crocs are good, but the best I've ever come across are Calzuros (Italian). They are rubber, extremely hard wearing and are designed specifically for theater. They also make boots which our hospital buys for the surgeons.

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I have been kicking around in my good old dansko clogs for a few years now, and up until recently, they have been great... but lately, i am thinking of just buying a good pair of running shoes... my feet have been "burning" lately.....so, i dont know... its all such a personal thing, but if your asking about what looks nice, i love those sanitas.....

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