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  1. msancheeze

    Need a job?

    I'm in the process of looking. Would you PM me with specifics?
  2. msancheeze

    I start on Thursday!

  3. msancheeze

    What shoes do you wear in the OR?

    I have been wearing Sanita/Dansko Professional clogs for years but recently tried a pair of Super Birki Clogs. Both are great with sturdy construction, good support, and wipe clean!
  4. After working on the floor, I started an OR nurse residency in February and have become more and more discontent with my job. I understand that the gnawing, raw anxiety and sense of discomfort/doom is normal and will pass in about 1.5 - 2 years, but I fear I will implode, or perhaps spontaneously combust, before I reach that point. Is it the facility or maybe nursing is not for me? Please allow me to list a few of my frustrations: 1. No leadership. The department has been without a manager for over a year. 2. Absent clinical coordinators. We needed a rep for a case and had no idea, the patient was already on the table with no ENT coordinator in sight. I thought the surgeons were going to explode! How am I supposed to know this - I'm brand spanking new! 3. Incomplete, outdated or missing maps/prefernece cards. At this point, I'm only as good as the guidance of the scrub and the map infront of me. Essential equipment, medications, suture, etc are not listed or pulled. On a good case, I actually know what the surgeon is asking for. On a typical case the essential item is located in an offsite building and the needed med is not carried in house. Again, if this crap was listed or if someone would tell me I need it when I ask "Is there anything extra we need for the next case?" I would have it ready and waiting. The absent clinical coordinators are responsible for updating maps, go figure. 4. Lack of communication. 5. Poor adherance to policies and procedure. I have voiced my concern over my frustrations to the director of periop services because I think it boils down to a big heaping patient safety issue and I feel that I'm not enabled to do my job safely or efficiently. I know others have voiced thier concern as well. Did I mention we have lost 30 nurses within that last year and an additional five within the past 6 months? I would really, REALLY like to leave but I feel trapped by my lack of experience (what OR would hire me?) and a two year work contract. I can stick it out as long as I can for the sake of experience, but at what cost - my sanity, my happiness and my license? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  5. msancheeze

    New OR nurse - what specialty should I start in?

    SquirrelRN71, Thanks for the reply, it's a tough call. In the spirit of being as marketable as possible, General may be the best option. In light of my OR's high turnover rate, history of lateral violence, and use of travelers, I'm willing to bet a spot on the Ortho team may open up again in the future. Also in light of those circumstances, I have no intention of staying any longer than I have to. Dare I say I plan on applying to other facilities when I reach the 1 year mark?? The metro area/hospital systems I woul like to apply to have specialized teams. How much experience on an Ortho team do I need before I'm considered a viable prospect to another facility? In addition to my fondness of the musculoskeletal system and all that hardware, drilling, sawing, and cracking, I see a lot of growth potential in Ortho; an aging baby-boomer population getting knees/hips replaced amongst other surgeries and ortho specific surgical centers popping up. It may come down to a coin toss. :)
  6. I would like advice on what specialty I should pursue as a new OR nurse. After working as a floor nurse, I transferred to the Operating Room and began an OR Residency in February. I completed the AORN Peri-Op 101 course and have rotated through General (includes urology, gyn, and robotics), Ortho, Cardiovasc, and a dash of Neuro. I love Ortho and the team is fantastic, however the pace, variety and challenge of General appeals to me as well. Assuming I can choose either one, where is the best place to kick off my OR career? Does the floor nursing adage of "do a year on med/surg to get the basic skills..." apply to the General team in the OR? If I start in Ortho will my job prospects be limited when I run screaming away from my current hospital when my two year contract is up (ha-ha, if I can even get a job with only two years of experience)? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!