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What do you do to relieve stress?


Hey Gals! (and guys)

I know that I alot of us feel like we are up to our necks in quicksand right now! (atleast I do :))

What methods to you all use to relieve stress? Anything special that works really well for you? I would love to here it!

Personally, I have an online journal on my website. Its my "Rants and Raves" page, and I tend to post things that are bothering me, or stressing me out. I get a lot of emails every day from other students and nurses, most positive, with the occasional rude one (I get about 2 of them a month from the second group). It helps me work out my tension, since I know that eventually someone will read it, and agree, or show me the "error of my logic". I got the idea from Zannie!

I also confide in friends and professors. Actually, One of my professors is going to check out this forum today!

So, what do you all do to help you cope? Care to share?



3 years down, and one to go!

Well Brandy,

In order to relieve stress sometimes, I stop working for a while and pray, then I get a bubble bath and try to think possitively at all times.

Having my daughter here with me in Tampa while attending school is a bit stressful because she tends not to go to bed very early and I need to study at nights. Both of us are living alone,hence, she always depends on me for attention. God is working everything out. Sometimes I am so tired and stressed I have to take some deep breaths or take a walk around the block. Most importantly I PRAY a lot.

Let me hope this helps.

Easy, Primal therapy. I scream at anyone who gets in my way.

Little joke.. About >

Seriously, I like to read anything not school-related. Maybe drink some herbal tea, and take a long bath. Go watch a sunset, or maybe even shop! :p

I would have to say I do various things! I attend church regularly and lean heavily on my faith.

I also have a close friend to confide in which helps, I surf the web, watch mindless tv programs or movies and sometimes I just

need silence.

I also listen to my favorite tapes driving to and from class. This relaxes me and pumps me up for what may lie ahead!

Above all I keep in mind I am *one* person and can only accomplish so many things at once...my newest favorite thought is "Divide and conquer"!!


P.S. I am also all for those bubble baths...Calgon take me away!!

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For me personally I like to take a nice soothing bubble bath and have a nice cup of lemon herbal green tea with some soothing jazz music playing. It is important to have something to relieve stress. I have been especially stressful lately because like Annmaeri I have trouble getting my daughter to go to sleep anytime before 10:00P.M. no matter what I do. Someone suggested to me going to sleep with her around 800 or 830 setting my alarm clock for about 1130 or 1200 and studying for about 3 hours then go back to sleep until the time I have to wake up but I worry if that will make me more sleeply the next day or what. The days I get out of class at 1200 which is every day except Tuesday I am going to stay at school until 400 or 430 before I pick my daughter up from day care and that will give me a few hours of studying. I really do not want to leave my daughter at school past 500 because she is there at 730 or she will be there at 600 am when I start clinicals two days a week once we get to the hospital clinical. I just feel bad enough already that she is in daycare a lot and someone else is raising her during the day although I do trust the people who take care of her. But I guess it is like my Mom and Dad keeps telling me I am doing this to provide a future for me and her and one day she will see what I did for us and admire what I did as her only parent involved in her life.

I like to pick on nursing students :p


With school stress I will go to a park on a sunny day, take a 6 pack of beer, a good cigar, and my laptop. I would work on a paper, study, review. But I would be relaxed. At the end I would be relaxed and productive at the same time.


Stress relief, what a great topic right now.

This is what I do. I have a huge dog. She's the most adorable thing, but BIG.... stand on her back legs and put her paws on your shoulders looking you in the eye kind of big. Her back is about as high as my hips kind of big. Jessie does not understand stress. She is the greatest stress reliever ever. We go play fetch, or go for a walk around the neighborhood, or drive down to the beach.... or just roll around on the floor. Its funny, its like she knows when I'm stressed. Whenever I sit down, she flies into my lap and just looks at me, and then her football, and then me, and then her football. Doesn't take me long to get the message.

Other than that, and spare me the lectures about the evils of malt liquor, I like to have a beer or two. A bubble bath. A mindless movie. Sex is also a good stress reliever. :eek:

Take care all.

Found a new one tonight....

Seagram's Wild Strawberry Banana coolers.... yummy :)

When i was in school there was, and still is, a brew pub about 2 miles down the road, half way between school and the job i had at the time... yeah i know don't use alcohol for stress relief..... blah blah blah....

I try to work out regularly. I have started doing yoga which seems to help quiet my mind and lower my HR and BP. Now if I could just take that feeling to clinicals...

I also use talk therapy and occasional romance novel.

I love to read, but find that if I get caught up in a book I neglect my homework for it. So I allow myself to read magazine articles. This helps my stress level. I study for a block of time, then read an article about something unrelated. I like bubble baths too. Since I don't drink (anymore!!) ice cream has become the vice. (Well, at least it won't kill me, soon anyway!!) Getting my BA drove me to drink!! Had to quit that shit or I never would have graduated. Surfing this site is a new hobby of mine. I'm telling all my nursing student friends about it. And who can forget? Watching ER reruns from the first year! LOL!

Similar to Rebecca, I play with my dog. Only, she's a chihuahua so I always win. There is something about a chihuahua growling and snarling as we play fight with a sock that just cracks me up. I have read that petting a dog lowers BP.

After play time she sits on my lap while I read travel guides to daydream/plan my next vacation. A change of scene is so important now and then.

Ishynru Karate....at least once a week...great stress relief (not to mention the side of being able to defend one's self). It's not expensive and, even though I've been a bad girl and not gone for a few weeks, keeps me in shape!!:D

By the way, don't say that you are "too old" (we have a person that is in there 60's just starting out), or you don't have time (it's one hour). Just check it out!! It's allot of fun, and NO you don't have to fight anyone to move up in the ranks!!!

You might have guessed from my user name but I enjoy word puzzles. I work them and I make them. The ones I make are nursing related. I do this if I am only a little stressed.

I also have flower gardens for when I am moderately stressed. You know, shoving that little hand spade into the clay dirt we have around here can be very fulfilling. Besides which, I really do enjoy growing things.

If I am really, really stressed, I go get on my horse. It gives us both a very good work out. Believe me, when I get on my horse I can not, must not, think of anything else. He certainly has a mind of his own and I think he enjoys trying to see just how far he can go (just like a child). Of course he is my big baby and just grooming him is a joy. He loves it and he listens to every problem I tell him about, he never talks back, and he always agrees with me (LOL). By the time I leave that stable I am physically and mentally relaxed.

Nursing school is definitely stressful. When I feel like I am ready to loose it; I exercise, take a long relaxing bath, or sometimes I even go shopping. Every once in awhile it feels good just to scream! : ) I graduate in May so I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and that helps too.

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if you asked me this a few months ago, i would say "primal therapy". however, i couldn't handle it all anymore with just that. now, i practice yoga (at least 5 times per week), meditation (30 minutes everyday), reading (non-nursing material) and running (at least 5 times per week for about 45 minutes). i realized what i was doing before was more harmful than helpful.

just my $.02

Originally posted by kewlnurse

When i was in school there was, and still is, a brew pub about 2 miles down the road, half way between school and the job i had at the time... yeah i know don't use alcohol for stress relief..... blah blah blah....

When I was doing my RN, We had a neat Mexican restaurant/pub about 1/2 mile and when we had a full day of classes we would go there for lunch. I remember one day there were 15 of us and lunch turnes into a beer & margerita slammin contest. It was funny to see everyone go back to class trashed. The teacher commented on our lack of coordination but luckily we all made it back to our seats for the lecture.

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