What is the Registered Nurse Patient Ratio at your hospital?

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My floor is a respiratory step down unit, with patients on ventilators, bipaps, tele etc. We have 1:4 unless we're short a nurse then maybe a couple nurses may have to have 5 patients.

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This is based on a rural acute care hospital in the southestern USA.

Telemetry: 1 nurse to 6 patients (I have seen 7 or 8 though!), CNA takes 10 patients.

PCU: 1 nurse to 4 patients (Sometimes a nurse will have 2, 3 or 5. Depends on the staffing and acuity.), CNA takes the whole unit of 10.

CCU: 1 nurse to 2 patients. CNA takes the whole unit of 14.

CDU: 1 nurse to 4 patients.

ED: 1 nurse to 4 patients. CNA takes around 8 patients.


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Hospital in central Savannah river area in Georgia.

Medical, neuro ICU-1:1, 1:2, rarely 1:3

Step down max 1:4

MeDsurg- 1:6 sometimes 1:5 if needed like trach patients or large dressings chest tubes ect. 3 cNa on days 2 at night. 2 CNA's take 18 pt at night.

Oncology 1:5

Cardiac IcU 1:2

Cardiac stepdown :14

Cardiac med surg 1:4 no techs just a unit clerk

CDU 1:6

Er haha they staff 1:4 but rarely does that happen.

We are a magnet hospital and have a large float pool so these ratios are never exceeded. We will close a unit to admits or the hospital will go on divert. I have worked there 2 years and never been forced to take over a units max ratio.

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Med Surg/ Tele units at Flagstaff Medical Center are usually 4:1 in the day and nights are 5:1. ICU 1:2, step down 1:3.


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Respiratory with telemetry PCU. Day shift nurses get 1:4 usually unless we are short. Overnights are 1:6


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No set rule but usually 1 nurse to 5-6 patients... I work in a small rural hospital on the Med surg floor... We get all surgeries, pediatrics, and chemo patients as well


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Cardiac Progressive Care, usually 4-5 (both days and nights), although I have seen 6 on a really bad day :nurse:

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Peds med/surg. 1:2 or 1:3. Occasionally 1:4, but that doesn't happen often.


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holy moly, these numbers TERRIFY me!!

I work in California, where the unions worked to get patient ratio laws passed statewide.

in the three different hospitals I've worked, all in suburby areas, this is what I've seen:

med-surg/oncology/anywhere without tele: 1:5

any type of tele: 1:4

subICU: 1:3

any type of ICU: 1:2, 1:1, 2:1, etc as needed (highest I've seen is a 3:1)

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ED 1:4, up to 7 at a time in fast track (lighter patients), ED obs 1:5.

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I work Onc/Palliative: Days 1:3/4/5 (depends on if anyone is on Chemo) and nights 1:5/6. Every so often (if we are down at tech at nights) we'll be 1:4.


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Publicly owned community teach hospital in the upper Midwest/

ICUs, (SICU, MICU & PICU) - 1 to 1 or 2 to 1 depending on acuity Never more.

Step down 2 to 1 or 3 to 1 depending on acuity.

Med surg (tele) 4 to 1 on days, 5 to 1 on nights. Occasionally I have seen 6 to 1 on nights but the supervisor busting butt to get them another nurse.

We have a strong union and excellent patient outcomes.

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