What is the Registered Nurse Patient Ratio at your hospital?

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In my hospital the starting pay is between $36-$40 depending on which shift you work. The nurses are tired and burnt out. About 20 nurses have left that floor since last year.


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I work in a county hospital- Med surg floor and we do 1:5, 1:6 if we are short staff.


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Med surg/tele/ortho/urology/no one will take me because of my psych issues and I want to torture you for 3 months... used to be 4:1 on days but lately has been 5-6:1 with no care to acuity or crazy. Nights started out the other night with 8:1. An accident or catastrophic error waiting to happen.


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ICU. 1:2. Some become 1:1 with specific clinical situations. And on rare occasions we end up with a 2:1 (if we don't have nurses qualified with the necessary combination of specialty modalities- i.e. a pt. requires IABP + CRRT or pentobarb coma + CRRT)

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Level 2 - 1:3 usually feeder/growers, may have nasal cannula or IV fluids or meds

Level 3 - 1:2 almost always a vent in the room (intubated, NIPPV, or CPAP)

Critical babies can be 1:1 or even 2:1

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