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  1. Steffy44

    A Negative Workplace Can Be Contagious

    If you want to fix attitudes then address and try to fix the problems. I'm tired of being made to feel like I need to be Pollyanna when there is a dumpster fire on my floor every day I work.
  2. Steffy44

    Someone in my charts....

    It's a HUGE HIPAA violation and I'd turn him in. If he'll go through your charts with you standing right there who else's records does he go through. If I need to give a med for a busy nurse I can slip a note in the chart starting this so if there is an audit they will see why I was there.
  3. Steffy44

    Racial Discrimination In The Nursing Profession

    See it all the time. Our midlevel boss was up for a job to be floor supervisor. She'd been doing it pretty much before the other floor sup was fired. Did she get it...nope. An external hire got it. She was BFFs with the head of the hospital nurse. She's a horrible boss. I'm not sure after a year that she even knows my name. She worked at this hospital a long time ago and all the older nurses said she couldn't nurse her way out of a paper bag. 🤷🏻*♀️
  4. Steffy44

    Thinking about quitting after first day

    Everyone is running away! It's the surest sign you need to lace up the sneakers and run too. Yikes!!!
  5. Med surg/tele/ortho/urology/no one will take me because of my psych issues and I want to torture you for 3 months... used to be 4:1 on days but lately has been 5-6:1 with no care to acuity or crazy. Nights started out the other night with 8:1. An accident or catastrophic error waiting to happen.
  6. Steffy44

    What type of nurses work regular hours?

    All of the school nurse jobs in my area require 5 years of nursing experience.
  7. Steffy44

    Is this reasonable or just over the top?

    Stupidest stuff ever. Just hire a robot. We're supposed to do bedside report too with the magic script. You sound like an idiot. If I know the nurse I will probably talk her up but if not...nope. I will NEVER wake my patient up if I don't have to. My place is adding electronic rounding. You have to go into the room, ask the same 5-6 scripted questions and log onto a computer to chart it. Computer garbage is more important than patient care. Incredibly frustrating.
  8. Steffy44

    Non-profit Nursing Facilities: A place to heal from burnout

    You can keep my not for profit. Constant short staffing and figuring out ways to cut like having no spare TP on the floor so you can restock the pt bathroom or visitor bathroom. Putting one change of linen in the closet because we pay by the pound to clean. 2 washcloths and 2 hand towels in the closet for bathing. Linen stocked in the room once a week. Cutting unit secretaries and then never any CNAs on the floor. Staff burnout is high on my floor.
  9. Steffy44

    Miserable nurses

    Oh darling I assure you we do NOT get extra money for our DEU time. We don't get a choice to even do it. You just get assigned. Until you walk in this nurses shoes you should stop judging. If you're so offended by this nurse yelling (I don't condone but totally understand) you're going to love some doctors who take great pride dressing you down in front of patients, families and your co-workers. I had clinical with a very cold nurse. Today I work with her. I didn't let her attitude affect me. Now that I work with her I can see she provides better patient care than ANY nurse on our floor. Her attitude is still poor but I'll take 10 of her over any perky nurse who can't see her patient is about to crash.
  10. Steffy44

    Burnout: A Burning Flame At Both Ends

    This almost totally describes me right now. í ½í¸¢
  11. Steffy44

    Patient's "right" to abuse nurses...I need your opinion

    No. A patient does not have the right to abuse you and it's not right that your leadership would say that even in jest. Why would they assign the abusive to the person two days in a row let alone 5. That's just inhumane. We have one of those right now. She was discharged and returned within two hours twice now. This is the third admission. The first two were for no reason. No one will take her because she's psychotic. She took great pleasure in calling the nurse every 5-10 minutes for 12 hours. It was horrible. Hospital won't see a dime for this patient either. Uninsured.
  12. Steffy44

    Does years of experience matter?

    I can't imagine going straight from new RN grad to NP but I have a former classmate doing it. She has zero experience as a nurse and was a piano teacher prior to graduating. Now, in 6 months she'll be graduating from NP school and JUST got hired part time as an RN.
  13. Steffy44

    Age Discrimination in Nursing

    I'd die without those "older" nurses. They are the critical link in helping inexperienced nurses like me along the way. Sadly many do not want to help mentor the younger nurses. I'm fortunate that nursing is a second career so I'm a bit advanced in age...they help me. The ones I work with avoid charge nurse like the plague. They just want to be nurses...and that's ok. Personally they can keep the chump change they pay for the increased headache that is charge. 😂
  14. Steffy44

    Starting nursing school at 37...

    I started nursing school when I was nearly 45. It's never too late.
  15. Steffy44

    Refusing to change/toilet pts

    I absolutely help toilet my patients when I can. However, I have RN tasks I'm trying to work through. Recently my facility turned vitals over to the nurses. They figured it'd be beneficial to the nurse and free up the tech to potty patient and respond to call lights. Wanna guess how it is working out...I'm doing vitals while running all over pottying patients and trying to get assessment done on 6 patients and meds passed. The tech is nowhere to be found. I usually find them in the break room ignoring call lights while they eat breakfast. While it's incredibly frustrating to have that nurse...as a nurse it's even more frustrating to have that tech. I can do your job but you can't do mine. You may have no idea what I'm dealing with. 15 minutes into my last shift I was sending someone to critical. Sorry I couldn't take time to potty a stable patient. Her BP in the 60s trump potty. Have you had a conversation with the nurse? I'd advise going to nursing school so you can see it from the other side.
  16. Steffy44

    Why? Why is it so hard to find a job I like?

    I started out as a new nurse on night shift. I figured out pretty quickly it wasn't going to work. Thankfully I got offered days within 6 months. It's def 10x more chaotic but I don't regret it. I'm almost 50 and I can't do the constant switching of times...not with kids.