What does R/O "really" means?

My client was admitted with confusion, delirium & possible TIA or CVA. My client might have obstructive sleep apnea, OSA, as well.

In my doctor's progress notes it states...

R/O CVA - Ct read negative, no neuro deficit, confusion resolved

R/O OSA - O/N oxymetry & RT to see for CPAP

1. Here does R/O mean CVA or OSA had been "ruled out" meaning CVA/OSA has been diagnosed as NOT the issue anymore?


2. Does R/O mean in order to "rule out" CVA, Ct result must read negative with no neuro deficit etc..... or in the case of OSA, in order to "rule out" OSA, an O/N oximetry & referral to RT needs to occur to establish a diagnosis?

Which one is it?

Thank you


OSA: Obstructive Sleep Apnea
O/N: Overnight
CPAP: Continuous Positive airway Pressure

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Medical abbreviation for rule out.

It means they were admitted with R/O CVA, R/O OSA

The MD is still considering a CVA however the CT is negative, the patient has no residual neuro deficit and the confusion has resolved.

R/O OSA is still a consideration as well....and further testing is being conducted.

From what I understand, R/O is usually part of the plan, not the findings. So, in this case, the doc would like to rule out CVA and OSA

Usually once the diagnostic workup has excluded a condition from further consideration, the note will say, for example, "Ruled out for MI."

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Think of rule out as an active verb. I.E. R/O CVA means they are suspect a CVA and are investigating to support or reject that Dx

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