What does TKO mean?

In this article, we will explore the meanings of TKO, KVO, and other related medical terms. Nurses General Nursing Article


What does TKO mean?

What does TKO Mean in Medical Terms?

TKO, or "to keep open," is a medical abbreviation that refers to the administration of IV (intravenous) fluids at a slow, minimal rate. This rate is just enough to maintain the patency of the IV line, ensuring that the vein remains open and accessible for future infusions or medications.

TKO fluids can include normal saline (NS), dextrose 5% in water (D5W), or other solutions, depending on the patient's needs.

TKO IV Rate and Drip Rate

The TKO rate is typically between 20-30 milliliters per hour (ml/hr), but the standard rate will vary by institution. This rate is slower than a regular infusion rate and is meant to prevent the IV line from clotting or becoming blocked, and having to perform periodic flushing.

The TKO drip rate can be adjusted as necessary based on the patient's condition and the specific IV solution being administered.

Is KVO the Same as TKO?

KVO, or "keep vein open," is another medical abbreviation with a similar meaning to TKO. The main difference between TKO and KVO is the emphasis on the purpose of the infusion. While TKO focuses on maintaining the patency of the IV line, KVO is more concerned with keeping the vein open and ensuring that blood flow is not restricted.

The KVO rate is typically 25-30 ml/hr or 15-20 drops per minute, similar to the TKO rate. KVO fluids can include NS, D5W, or other solutions, based on the patient's clinical needs.

Both TKO and KVO rates are considered slow infusion rates, primarily used for maintaining IV access rather than delivering a significant volume of fluids or medications.


Understanding the meanings and applications of medical abbreviations like TKO and KVO is crucial for healthcare professionals.

While the specific rates and fluids used may vary, the overall goal of TKO and KVO infusions is to ensure the best possible care for patients receiving intravenous therapy.

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can anyone tell me what TKO means?

To Keep vein Open/To Keep Open; usual refers to an IV rate of 5-30cc/hr in order to keep from having to due periodic IV flushes.