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  1. Hi ...I was wonderinging if any one could help...I am studying medical terminology this year..I am entering a nursing course next year and I am trying to get a ready for it...Can anyone help me with the following abbreviations........... CCU............
  2. Hello allnurses! I am a first semester nursing student and brand-new to! I am looking for help on a tricky abbreviation. It is simply the lowercase letter "p" The directions say to add a line over the top of this one. I have browsed som...
  3. LorraineCNA

    Medical abbreviations...

    I'm looking for a listing of common medical abbreviations, either to download to PDA or just a list I can print out and enter myself. I have Taber's on my PDA so all of the harder abbreviations are on there (tests, chemical elements, etc.) but not th...
  4. Vnaji1020

    Medical abbreviation

    What does themedical abbreviation for (o) mean?
  5. mharzi

    SL medical abbreviation

    What does SL stand for from a nursing note: 22g SL to the R hand? Thank you.