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  1. Salisbury Accelerated BSN Applicants for 2014

    azngurl6189- Do you mind sharing your background and stats?
  2. What can a new grad do as a volunteer in a hospital

    Generally you cannot be involved in actual patient care beyond transport, getting water/blankets/etc, and that sort of thing as a volunteer for insurance reasons. Even with my EMT and phlebotomy certifications, I am not allowed to act in any capacity...
  3. Almost bombed first exam..

    I post all of my due dates to my email's calendar, 5hen sync that with my phone's calendar. I set my reminders for however far ahead of time I want to be reminded, and my phone alerts me plus I receive an email. There are also planner apps that will ...
  4. How do you like your job?

    Try looking under state employment as well. For some reason, at our county health depts, most work for the state rather than the county (budget reasons maybe). This is MD but it may be the same in TX.
  5. EMT/EMS to Registered Nursing

    There is no more basic, it's just EMT. Intermediate is now Advanced (AEMT)
  6. can chem161 replace chem121 ?

    What are the titles of the classes? This question is probably best directed to an pre-nursing advisor or the nursing program you are wanting to enter.
  7. Anatomy and Physiology Online

    I never said anything about pre-meds. I've never looked at those threads so I don't know what those people talk about. Some schools do discriminate against cc's, and some don't. Some won't accept online classes, some will.
  8. Anatomy and Physiology Online

    There are hybrid nursing programs. I, too, have a hard time staying focused in lecture. I usually end up reading the material on my own and using lecture time to work on my assignments.
  9. Anatomy and Physiology Online

    Good thing I'm not selling it just stating facts. Google is your friend, and if you need help getting started on your quest to enlightenment, search threads on student doctor and physician assistant forum.
  10. Anatomy and Physiology Online

    I know of quite a few PA, vet, and PT. schools that accept online prereqs (including science courses)
  11. What does R/O "really" means?

    From what I understand, R/O is usually part of the plan, not the findings. So, in this case, the doc would like to rule out CVA and OSA
  12. Nutrition Class

    I've always seen them as being interchangeable. If in doubt, see what the syllabus or course description says (for example, for science majors, for prehealth majors, etc)
  13. book to keep: physio or micro?

    I would find them both cheaper and buy them both, and then sell them both when I am done because I hardly crack open a textbook after I am done with the class. Look at cheapbooks.com to find the lowest price for your books.
  14. Salisbury Accelerated BSN Applicants for 2014

    I am guessing that since it was a double major with a social science, it was easier and shorter, if not required, to do the BA option rather than the BS (I've never heard of a BS in Sociology). As for me, I don't think I'll be pursuing the CNA option...
  15. Anatomy and Physiology Online

    I took it through Mayville State University. they mail you the specimens for dissection (rats, eyeballs, etc). It was a pretty neat course. I have been looking for an online biochem course and have noticed that quite a few schools offer A&P w/lab...