What does "+++" mean in narrative charting?


"BM +++" or ++ or whatever



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Possibly 'very large'.


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It could also denote UA dips that are grossly positive for blood, Leuks or bilirubin. That was what came to my mind first.

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It usually means several or lots of what they are referring. As in "pt agitated and calling out ++++ ".


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Interesting... I have never seen that!


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When I have seen it.. it meant several. But it is not on any approved list by any place I have ever been and documentation should be such that no one needs to guess what it means. I mean really is it that hard to write "several" or "multiple". :D


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I have only seen it used in reference to edema 1+ 2+ 3+ 4+ / +, ++, +++, ++++


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Pitting edema 1+, 2+, 3+...... (i personally dont think its that effective... because how much 2+ is to one person, may differ from another persons perspective).


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First, it's not part of the conventional med. vocabulary.

However, in general interpretation, it means: a lot, more serious, bigger, ...etc

for example: up with max assist you may see "up with assist ++++..." or confused++++ for a pt highly confused. You can go on and on.

I must say that it's prohibited by JHACO


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Do u mean when someone use dot with T underneath dot? I use this all the time. Each one is how many times. Such as one bm, two bm's etc. Don't know if this is what you mean or not. I use this on Dr orders also.