What is the "best" stethoscope for the ED?


I need to upgrade my stethoscope before I start working in the ED. I would like to know what do you believe is the best stethoscope for the ED.

Thanks, fellow nurses!

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Go to Ultrascope.com, great scopes, reasonably priced and very customized.


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After graduation I just did a generalized search of well rated stethoscopes.

I went with the tried and true Littman Cardiology III. Its a great piece and the hearing quality is fantastic.

A little pricey however, I believe with almost anything you have to spend some $$ for good quality..


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Littman CardioIII


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Littman Cardio III. Heavy but well worth it.


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What about the length of the stethoscope tubing? What is the standard length? How about 1 tube or 2? Suggestions?


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Cast another vote for the cardio III. It is way easier to hear with that bad boy than any other stethoscope I have tried. It is double tubed, and slightly shorter than the other Littmanns I have used. It is pricey, but worth it!

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And another vote for the Littmann Cardio III. Great stethoscope, and it's nice because the bell can turn into a pediatric diaphragm which is handy for working the ER.

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Another one for Littman Cardio III it's good and durable.

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I have used my Cardiology III in EMS for several years, and I've had mine now for about 10-12 years. It's still going strong. They're very durable, to say the least.


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Another vote for either the Cardio III or the Master Cardiology. I personally use the Master Cardiology (I like the single sided design), but I've borrowed a friend's Cardiology III and liked it a lot as well. Served me well in telemetry, ICU, and hopefully will serve me well in my new ER job as well :)


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Umm, whatever is available. I always my stethoscope around my neck. It is a Littmann Cardiology III and one that has been proven well by me, but whatever is available I will use. Have used the old spragues (Prestige is probably the best current maker of them, concerning quality), although heavy. Have used lesser Littmanns (Select is probably my favorite as it has a quality chestpiece), and other brands (Prestige Clinical I and ADC 603...Littmann Classic II clones). Honestly, try a few out and see what you like. The more exotic the color and accessories (stickers, paint, name tags, etc.), the better chance it won't walk away. Good luck!