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Nitfree has 35+ years experience and specializes in emergency room.


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  1. Nitfree

    Newsflash: Med/Surg RN's have the toughest job

    I've been enjoying reading the posts. Hats off to Guttercat who stated things so perfectly! I tried hard to get a "specialty" unit after school, especially ER which I loved, but I kept finding myself in Med Surg. I put in for a transfer and was granted a choice of 2 different units, but as I watched what their nurses did and observed their patient load I decided to stay in Med Surg. I was afraid my hours would be cut, and I felt I would be too bored. Don't have to worry about that in Med Surg. Now I'm charge and do some managerial duties. I couldn't be happier! I thrive on the constant challenges and the crazy-buzy. I agree that years ago (35 to be exact) it took me only one minute to do what now takes me 5 minutes. Over the years, I've worked in every area of the hospital plus LTC and Med Surg is the hardest. We really do have to know everything about every thing. AMSN will celebrate Med Surg Nurses on Nov 1-7...I thank God for the crew I have now!
  2. Nitfree

    ED Resources for Psych Patients

    Thanks, I did find that link by accident and think I have made a good presentation using keypoints from that site.
  3. Nitfree

    ED Resources for Psych Patients

    I am a nursing student in need of a presentation topic for the ED where I am doing my preceptorship. I plan to go into psych nursing and your post intrigued me. Could you please point me in the right direction to learn more about handling the psych patient in the ED? Help...I need the info fairly soon. Thanks.
  4. Nitfree

    How was the OB/Maternal Newborn ATI?

    I found the the ATI tests have most of the info in their books, but alot of the info from the DVD's. Unfortunately, found this out just one month before graduation. If you have an ATI exam, then only study ATI literature. At least that's what I've discovered too late.
  5. I am a student at SFCC doing the LPN to RN transition program. It is extremely competitive and often unorganized. I applied already to get into the program and 75 others were ahead of me. They have also a night program for those who have to work but it is almost impossible to get in. The teachers are superb, and they offer A.A.S. and also partner with Florida Gulf coast for the BSN. Their prereqs are less than surrounding colleges as currently they do not require Chemistry or Alegebra. The exspense is lower than other colleges too. I have attended all campuses except Lake Placid and they are really nice and low key. They have a good pass rate on boards. I think you would like it but if you are use to a larger university type setting it is a bit of a culture shock.
  6. Nitfree

    Anyone from Galen College of Nursing in Tampa Area

    Thanks for replying and for the thorough explanation. I decided to stay where I am at South Florida Community even though I can only go at night and it will take 2 years for the transition doing it this way. The length of time was discouraging because I am 56 yrs. old but the state pays the tuition since I am a state employee. So that's nothing to blink at. Thanks again.
  7. Nitfree

    "LPNs should be done away with altogether"

    I have worked as an LPN for 31 years and received my training at a Catholic teaching hospital. I am currently enrolled in a transition program, and have been a school nurse for the last several years. I received the same training as an RN with one exception....I had far more clinical experience than an RN which in my day the RN's didn't even go on the floor until AFTER graduation. I do IV therapy with IV meds and pushes and have worked in critical areas without any problems. One RN I worked with freaked when a man coded and cried while I gave CPR. It is a lack of education on the part of RN programs as to the role of an LPN and their education, and it is unfair for an RN to make such statements. This has been a long standing issue as far back as I can remember. Many former LPN's who are now Rn's will agree that their training as an LPN was far more intense than the Rn training they received. The point of LPNs in the first place was to get them trained as quickly as possibly to get them on the floor to take care of the patients. But to say we are useless and have a lack of education is ignorance. LPNs may not know the reason why they are doing something but they certainly know everything else about the care of the patient or disease, etc. I have 910 students and triage all day long. Difference between the two are that RNs have management training which,by the way, we can take as well.
  8. Nitfree

    Anyone from Galen College of Nursing in Tampa Area

    I just found out about Galen in Tampa and have asked for more information. But reading some of your posts about costs is discouraging. I am currently enrolled at SFCC but will not start classes until May. Most of the cost is paid for by Pell grant and State Tuition waiver, but the prereqs are several even with 2 1/2 yrs of college and 31 yrs as LPN. So, I'm checking into Galen. Someone please tell me how much Excelsior costs....I am afraid to get started and find out I have no money to finish. They sure don't make it easy for those of us to return to school, do they?
  9. Nitfree

    IV therapy certification in South Florida

    Does anyone know if after we get the required hours for IV therapy for LPN's we must also recertify periodically? My course was taken back in the '90s but state board hasn't mentioned whether or not I must recertify (in Florida).
  10. Nitfree

    Share Your Funniest Patient Stories...

    Here's a funny from a school nurse: A little boy comes running into the clinic crying because of an abrasion on his knee. I grab the bactine and 4x4's and he says, "What's that?" "Bactine," I said. "What's it for?" he asks. "For the germs," I said. "It's not germs....it's blood!!":chuckle
  11. Nitfree

    What's YOUR favorite specialty area?

    I have been an LPN for 31 years and have worked in every area of nursing there is and never quite found my niche until becoming employed by the health dept in community health. I was assigned to an elementary school to run the clinic there and I absolutely LOVE school nursing!! You see everything disease from A to Z; and it is basically pysch nursing. From boo-boos to committee meetings and then to opening the special needs shelter during a hurricane I love every aspect of school health and public health. I have worked here for 5 years and plan to stay until I retire. It has been the most fulfilling and rewarding area of nursing I have ever been in. I would love to become a certified school nurse but they only offer the program to RN's.