What kind of Nursing school drama in your school?


Nursing school drama. Sometimes its like highschool all over again. Different cliques, people talking behind your back, students competing against each other for the best grade, students arguing over the dumbest things. Why do some of us allow ourselves to get wrapped up in this ridiculous drama? Sometimes I feel like Im worrying about dumb nursing school drama then I am studying. What kind of drama is there at your school and how do you not let yourself get wrapped up in it?


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Honestly it's not too bad in my class. I think for the most part most people get along ok. We do have some talking about people, talking about peoples grades, nosiness, people cheating etc...but overall it's isn't too -too crazy..like some things I've heard that go down in other classes. The nosiness, and comparing of grades used to irk me, but I just decided to ignore it and not let it bother me. Just focus on the reason why you are in NS. Most of the people involved in drama probably won't even be around too long anyway, since they are focused on the wrong things. NS is stressful enough. I'm not going to allow drama to add to my stress.


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Ugh. I shudder :/

My program has similar drama to what you mentioned. There's also rumors about who's cheating or not cheating, who might or might not have gotten last semester's tests from a previous student, things like that. It gets really hairy sometimes, especially since you don't want to do anything that would cause someone to turn their sights on you for whatever reason.

Personally, I just try to keep my nose clean. I try not to participate in gossip in study groups - when it starts I either try to get us back on track or just leave politely. I don't disclose my grades, either - doing well causes petty people to be jealous and suspect you of cheating. In the end, there's nothing I can really do about any of the drama going on with other people. I can't help that Joe Married slept with Susie, or that Bob possibly cheats on tests somehow. I try to remember that it has nothing to do with me, therefore there is no need to get involved. I just study and get through.

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Ugh, I hate drama and they all drag me into it being the only guy. They want the guys perspective. I finally just tell them all I have no opinion. I cant stand that kind of stuff. The other guy quit because he thought everyone was talking behind is back and making fun of him. So it obviously bothered him something bad. Our class now is very small, 15 people, so we all play nice.


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Hmm most of my classmates are on the ego trip,well I'm not joining in,I have a few selected friends.

Just finished my ABSN program and it was like high school on steroids. Different clicks, lots of gossiping and backstabbing. Tried to stay above, but they got me in the end. Glad it's over with.

I think it's all the tension and stress of NS. Sometimes it brings out the worst in people:(


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Actually, one of my salon clients who is an RN gave me the following advice in regards to nursing school:

Just try to to be really aloof and convince your classmates that you don't really speak English.

I laughed at the time, but now I'm starting to wonder if maybe she wasn't completely joking....

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None. I attend an adult school.

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I guess I can contribute to this blog since I did just graduate from my masters degree program for my FNP

Drama: One girl in my class always complained about how stressfull the whole situation was.. All the time. The school changed the way we send them our paperwork, so I had to go out and buy a scanner for my computer. Ok..

Then the school required us to have school email addresses. OK..

We all had to do a graduate thesis on something. Keep it simple I say. She chose a topic that was hard to generate. I dont know if she graduated with our class or if she dropped out or extended.

School was tough, we had to find our own clinical sites, the chief FNP instructor was not supportive, but O well.


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We have a LOT of crazy drama in our class. I think its the size of the class (14 people now, started at 17 in August). Its disgusting. It makes me really hate the school, and I would transfer if it wasnt for the immense difficulty in doing so. In regards to the "None. I attend an adult school" comment, every student in my class is technically an adult, and some of the worst and meanest troublemakers are old enough that nobody even IDs them for alcohol anymore~

Its the worst part of nursing school and its the only thing that makes me hate going sometimes. Break is over Monday and I am not looking forward to going back at all. When I talk, people gossip about me, and when I don't, I am told that I am a "snob". You cant win for losing. I just cant wait till its over with.

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W In regards to the "None. I attend an adult school" comment, every student in my class is technically an adult, and some of the worst and meanest troublemakers are old enough that nobody even IDs them for alcohol anymore~

If they can't behave like adults, then they should at least try to behave professionally. I'm lucky, I guess. My program doesn't tolerate any childish BS.

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OK, I don't usually gossip, but this is too good to let slide. When I was in one of my schools we had a gay guy who started having an affair with one of the doctors. The student was being very talkative about it and saying that his new partner didn't want him to say anything. Well, yeah. The doc hadn't come out of the closet yet and he had a career and a reputation to worry about. Turns out he was married and had a couple of kids as well! What a mess. Our student was eager for everyone to know who his lover was and you could see how keeping the secret bottled up was killing him day by day. He was in love and wanted to share his happiness with everyone. Nothing wrong with that. He finally confided details to someone and it didn't take long before the rumors about this physician being gay were all over the hospital. Our classmate got mysteriously beat up and landed in ICU over a holiday weekend. His beating and picture were in the paper and he was so embarrassed because he was photographed dressed in woman's clothing at the time. There was more to the secret than he had been revealing! He ended up leaving the program. I saw him months later working at a facility and learned that the dean of the school had gone to the hospital, talked with him and they had decided that he would be safer out of the program for awhile as he needed time to heal and get some counseling. The doctor eventually moved away. The student did get back into nursing school, finished up and is an RN. I hope he is living a much happier life.

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