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  1. Holy Names University in Oakland

    Dana1969, it sounds like things haven't changed in the FNP program at Holy Names University. Wish it were otherwise, as I believe FNPs are the bright stars of our profession that nursing needs to promote better in the public eye. I hope HNU can turn ...
  2. RNs in the acute setting are treated as Disposable. We are regularly forced to work in unsafe/hostile conditions, where we face patient assaults, verbally abusive doctors, and relentlessly hostile management. The RN is the Point of Contact for almost...
  3. Nursing in California

    Nathalie, the average home in the SF Bay Area just topped $650,000 ($1,000,000 in SF city), we pay 9.3% in state income tax (the highest in the country), 9% in state sales tax, I just paid $4.30 a gallon for gas (at Costco), and I spend at least 90 m...
  4. Holy Names University in Oakland

    Anyone looking into this program should be warned, it is completely unorganized. No, unorganized isn't strong enough...a logistical TRAINWRECK is closer to the truth. Not enough seats for the number of students enrolled, shifting between the live ins...
  5. Best/Worst Online Schools? Opinions PLEASE!!

    Just left Holy Names University's MSN program, and can't rate it low enough. It's a hybrid (part online/part in-person) program, charging $800/unit and they can't do anything right. EVERYTHING!!!...from registration to getting a room large enough for...
  6. career change from accounting to nursing?

    I worked as a CPA/Auditor for 15 years before making the change to nursing three years ago. It has meant less money, but much more job satisfaction. I believe that I make a bigger difference for my patients, than I ever did for my clients. The job is...
  7. Class suggestion as filler with Chemistry?

    Foothill College in Los Altos has a Chemistry Survey Class series (Chem 30A&B) for pre-health majors which keeps you out of the mainstream chem major track. It wasn't too hard. Also, for any of the soft-skill classes (communications, psych, socio...
  8. Until you hit the five year mark, you are still considered a relatively inexperienced nurse. As a Bay Area new grad, I put in approximately 130 apps, up and down the entire pacific coast, and finally got as position in med-surg. Now it's three years ...
  9. Holy Names University in Oakland

    Will do :)
  10. Holy Names University in Oakland

    Hi, I'll be attending in Jan-2012 and has hoping to get first hand info on the FNP program and financing options. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  11. Holy Names U - Oakland, Info

    Hi, I've just been accepted at Holy Names U, for the FNP program. And was wondering if I could hear from someone with first hand info on the program. Thanks
  12. Hi I'm a CA RN with two years of med-surg experience looking to relo to WA (Seattle-Eastside). Wondering what the job market is like, which hospitals might be hiring, and what areas of nursing would be open to me (kinda tired of med-surg). I have fam...
  13. Anyone with experience with accerated RN programs?

    I completed a 12-month accelerated BSN, and it was 12 months of hell! The first seven months, I had to cutback to four hours of sleep a night, just to keep up with the reading/term papers/presentations. I got an apartment 2 blocks from the campus, di...
  14. Looking for a job in Operating Rooms in CA

    Highland Hospital in Oakland has several OR positions posted.
  15. Is anyone going through the same problem?

    OP, it sounds like the counselor may have been misinformed. College counselors in CA use the CAN (California Articulation Numbering) system at (ASSIST website to determine which courses at one school "a...