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  1. Hi I'm a CA RN with two years of med-surg experience looking to relo to WA (Seattle-Eastside). Wondering what the job market is like, which hospitals might be hiring, and what areas of nursing would be open to me (kinda tired of med-surg). I have family in the area, and want to be closer to them. Have started to make visits to potential home areas, and to look at potential employers. But would just like to get some inside "Washingtonian" advice. Any help would be appreciated. - R
  2. MBA2RN

    Anyone with experience with accerated RN programs?

    I completed a 12-month accelerated BSN, and it was 12 months of hell! The first seven months, I had to cutback to four hours of sleep a night, just to keep up with the reading/term papers/presentations. I got an apartment 2 blocks from the campus, didn't work, and lived/ate/breathed the program for the entire year. It's paying off now, but for 12 months it was like an earthquake/tidal wave/rap concert all rolled into one massive hairball. Prior to that, I'd earned an MBA, and the 12 month ABSN was much more difficult than graduate b-school.
  3. MBA2RN

    Looking for a job in Operating Rooms in CA

    Highland Hospital in Oakland has several OR positions posted.
  4. MBA2RN

    Is anyone going through the same problem?

    OP, it sounds like the counselor may have been misinformed. College counselors in CA use the CAN (California Articulation Numbering) system at (ASSIST website http://www.assist.org/web-assist/welcome.html) to determine which courses at one school "articulate" (re: are equivalent to) courses at other schools. Also, the poster above showed how to translate from quarter to semester units. All you have to do is go the site above, select the preqrequisites that LACC uses for it's nursing program, then select CSU-LA and the site will show which courses translate. It'll show the CAN course number, and each institutions individual course number. It's easy, just let the website do the work for you
  5. MBA2RN

    Psyche RN in bay area

    wrxstiPSYCHERN - Before coming out to CA, I would suggest having a job lined up already. As the state is significantly oversupplied with experienced RNs and new grads. Making RN jobs few and far between. Also, there is a statewide hiring freeze at the eight state mental hospitals which has been discussed exhaustively on this forum. The CA prison healthcare system might be hiring soon, as they under a federal court order to spend an additional $8 billion to upgrade prison healthcare. But the governor/legislature has been fight this in the courts for the last two years, so it may not happen soon. One of the posters above mentioned the George Pavilllion in Concord. There is a John George Psych Pavillion in San Leandro that is Alameda County's PHF (Psych Health Facility). I had a clinical rotation there, and the clientele were mostly inmates from the local jails, and transients/homeless. It was roughhhhhhhh. I was constantly being pulled into dangerous situations, and I never felt safe there (and I'm a pretty big guy). There is a Private Psych hospital in Fremont named "Fremont Hospital" which occasionally posts jobs. And John Muir Hospital in Walnut Creek/Concord has a Behavioral Health Unit which I've heard good things about. If you are okay with working in a prison, then San Quentin State Prison is almost always looking for nurses. They are on the Bay, just a short ferry ride from Vallejo, and they have pretty attractive compensation packages (w/bonuses, pensions, etc). The hiring process takes about six months. I have a friend working there. and she likes it. Good Luck, R
  6. MBA2RN

    Got my RN License in Dec 09; Still no Job

    Hey, it took me four months and approximately 120 apps to land my first job. So don't feel bad, you're still early in the process.
  7. MBA2RN

    Critical Care Course/Training

    American Health Education in Dublin has a CC training course. Haven't taken it myself, but others at the hospital where I work have, and speak well of it. http://www.americanhealtheducation.com/
  8. MBA2RN

    What do RN's make in California?

    Peanut06, here's a doc file with the CNA Model RN Contract Provisions and a pdf copy of the current CNA Kaiser Contract for Norcal. The info is a bit dated, but still valid for comparison purposes. I'm a new grad (10 months) in Norcal and I make in same range ($49-59/hr) as these rates. CNA’ Model RN Contracts Highlights.doc kp_contract_summary_0906.pdf
  9. Jboo510, it may be hard for you to land a hospital job as a LVN in the Bay Area. Many hospitals (Kaiser, and others) are eliminating LVNs and going to all BSN nurses (as this helps them with Magnet status). You might have better luck in LTC/SNFs or in Corrections. I've seen job openings for LVNs in both areas.
  10. MBA2RN

    Science classes for nursing at Foothills??

    I attended Foothill for my chem pre-reqs (Chem 30A&B). But wasn't able to get into any of the other science pre-reqs (anatomy, physio, micro). I had better luck getting those three classes at Diablo Valley College in Concord. For the non-science nursing pre-reqs I found that Barstow College had the widest selection of online classes (since they cater mainly to military personel at nearby 29 Palms). And even though they were in semester units, the classes were inexpensive ($11/unit) and accelerated (8 weeks on average). Good Luck, R
  11. MBA2RN

    best bay area bsn programs?

    Hi RayHay, I'm a new grad (9 months in med-surg) from a Bay Area school (Samuel Merrritt) and I work with grads from several other schools (SJSU, CSU-EB, UCSF, etc.). I'm obviously biased towards SMC. But I've been impressed with the level of expertise I've seen from grads from the other schools mentioned above. Also, prior to going to nursing school, I researched the entrance requirements for all the Bay Area programs and found them to be pretty consistent across the board. At my facility, the school name is less important than what the candidate brings to the table besides school (experience, certifications, etc). There are lots of great schools in the Bay Area, expensive and less so.
  12. MBA2RN

    Phlebotomy course?

    Hi, I started in med-surg about 9 months ago, and am in the same boat (needing IV start training). During nursing school, we (the students in my class) were told that the CA BRN issued a ruling that only licensed RNs (not LVNs or students) could start IVs. So the school said that we would have to receive that training when we were hired by our respective hospitals. When I got my first hospital job, I was told that we would receive IV training during new grad orientation. But like alot promises in orientation, the training didn't happen, and I've been struggling with starting IVs ever since. I know times are tough, and hospitals are always looking for ways to save money. But sometimes it seems like Hospital Management is penny-wise and pound foolish:( I'm trying to find a reasonably priced phlebotomy course in the SF Bay Area (preferably East Bay). Anyone have any info?
  13. MBA2RN

    When do the bad dreams stop?

    Hi Jeff, I'm a new grad with nine months on a med-surg/stroke floor and I've just recently moved beyond the bad dreams phase. For the first eight months I would startle awake each night, thinking that I heard patient call-bells and bed alarms going off. But in the last month, I seem to have turned the corner. I'm feeling more confident on the floor, I'm managing my time better, and I've actually started taking breaks (not just working through). And the bad dreams have stopped. Maybe it's true what the experienced nurses have been telling me about new grads finding their groove sometime in the six to nine month period. We lost another new grad on my floor last week. She just couldn't handle the workload, the pace and the pressure. She told me that she couldn't sleep. That makes four dropouts from a new grad class of 14. Just hold on, keep learning and you'll find your groove. :) Us new grads just have survive through this first year, then everything is gravy (I'm hoping).
  14. The difference between SN-I and SN-II is having 6 months experience and a pulse.
  15. The CA Mandated Ratio Law only applies to acute care hospitals. LTCs/SNFs (all variants) and others (group homes/rest homes) aren't covered. Remember, it might be the "Companys" facility, but it's your license. If you feel that the environment is unsafe, don't waste your time trying to change things. Nothing will change and it'll just earn you a rep as a "troublemaker". Just do your time, earn your way into a better situation when the opportunity presents itself, and don't end up as the fall-guy in a corporate failure chain.