What Is Your Most Gross, Yucky, Disgusting Nursing Horror Story?

Here is my most gross, yucky, disgusting nursing story! Nurses Humor Article


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I can say it took me over an hour and 2 trips to the bathroom to finish reading these lol

Im hurting now so Im tossing in my 2 cents:

When I was a New Grad LPN fresh from the delusion of I can be the one to heal the world reality hit me like a ton of bricks.

In the ER where I had been a tech while I was in LPN school , I was hired to work as a LPN , First offical night of working I had the usual stuff, bumps, bruises , terminal earache, and the OMG GI Bleed from Hell.... Never in my life had I ever seen so much blood come out of every end in my life, this person was also a frequent flyer that the staff often betted on her ETOH levels, well after cleaning her up and stabilizing her with 2 other Rns and a tech, it was time for a foley.... Well a few things I noticed while placing the foley,

1. A remote control

2. corn nibblets

3. kleenex pieces

4. duct tape stuck to her buttocks

5. a tattoo that stated " I work hard for the money"

6. a credit / atm ticket

It took me by surprise and I can say with joy that I havent been fortunate enough to find such articles in that space so far KNOCKS ON WOOD

But yet Im still young.... And I work in the Operating room now !!!!

hows that for irony....

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One of my yuckiest moments, We had a couple that were frequent fliers, where one was the other was sure to follow, their last name was Blue and thats all they wore, everything they owned was in different shades of blue. He had just visited his wife who was on our med/surg floor, he put her on the bedside commode and left for the night. She rings that she is finished and I go in to get her off the seat.



"Sure your done, I can come back if you need more time"

"No, no nothing else left"

(anybody see it comming)

Get her up, walk forward and turn her for the bed when she goes

"Mabey I'm not done"

She lets loose with the most foul smelling case of bloody diarhea and urine. I almost lost my cookies from the smell alone. Then I notice, HHEEEYYYY my foot is reallllllyyyyyyy warm all of a sudden, it hit me at the knee, ran down and filled my shoe.

That was the last day I ever wore a nursing dress, now its pants (ward master nixed the hipwaders idea)

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I've got a gross one. I've worked in an ER and I can handle just about any body fluid (and have) except earwax. Earwax grosses me out. Was working in an ER in Puerto Rico while in the Navy and we had homeless dependent uncle or some relation come into ER c/o trouble hearing. On exam, doc found both ears severly packed with thick, green earwax. YUMMMMEY!

Well, yours truly gets to irrigate his ears, not the thrill of my life. I irrigated so much earwax out of that man's ears, it was coming out in big, green nuggets. When I showed pt emesis basin of what I had cleaned out of his scuzzy ears, he proceeds to get a big smile on his face, picked up one of the greasy nuggets and eats it!!! YUCK! I just about pucked on myself with that one. To this day, can barely clean my own ears!

Eats it? Oh hell no!

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Say it ain't so! ?


That was just NASTY!!! I got through the other posts pretty ok but yours Navynurse29 hit the puker!!! Shew, bless your heart for having to have witnessed that!!!


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Eats the earwax? My gawd...I almost puked up my jalepeno popper!

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Originally posted by yazisizit

Here is my most gross, yucky, disgusting nursing story!

I was working a night shift on a tele floor as a new Nurse.

We had this one poor old lady who was confused and was restrained as usual for her safety. She was our designated resident nightmare geri from hell, so she was placed near the Nurse's station.

So we are chilling out at the Nurse's station, chatting and trying to get through another night...

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I see our lady in question standing in the dimly lit doorway of her room!

I instantly leap out and run to her. As I approach her, she appears to be falling towards me, so I meet her in a bear hug...my arms around her waste, and her arms around my shoulders.

As I catch the lady, I notice a very strong smell of feces, and I feel something warm on my hands, arms and shoulders...

My fellow heroes come in behind me, and as the lights are turned on, my worst fears are instantly realized.

Yes, I caught the poor old lady with a good old bear hung football catch, but I was also covered in the lady's feces.

As I look at her, she has feces smeared all over her arms and hands... (and even her face!)

And of course, now so did I!

My Hero, into the line of fire without fear... ?

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My latest would be the woman who came into Med/Surg with UNTREATED Breast CA. She had been sent home the day before because there was no longer anything we could do for her and she wanted to die at home. Well, it must have been a long drive to get home because she stayed that night in a hotel where she fell and landed on the floor chest first. The CA had eaten to the outside and there were a bunch of "blisters" on the breast which burst when she fell. There were huge open, draining wounds to the breast now which we had to "dress" with chux pads...These were the only things that would fit. Just layered chux ans towels over the breast. We had to keep her in a Resp isolation room because of the stench alone and you could still smell the rotting flesh in the hallway everytime the door was opened. By the time I came on, she had become unconcious without obvious signs of pain, though we did have Roxinol ordered for her. This poor woman died later that same day and I called my doctor for a mammogram the next day. It really scared me. This CA had been caught early enough, but she had refused treatment.

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In other words my allnurses sisters, PLEASE get your mammograms and yearly exams as well as self breast exams. I would hate to loose any of you in this way. And for our allnurses brothers...don't think you can get off easily. You get your prostate exams as ordered PLEASE!!!!

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Sorry about that jalepeno popper, Furball, be glad I didn't tell you guys about the lady and the poor border collie. Let's just say I don't look at Lassie the same way ever again!

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Are u kidding? Crowd of darkies??? Where are u from, 1968? That personally offends me and I am not even black!

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