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  1. That is old news. Post Abortion Syndrome emotional distress post abortion is well established. Any search engine will yield multiple respectable studies and reports on this now established post abortion complication. And, yes, this is DOES need to ...
  2. I was working a night shift on a tele floor as a new Nurse. We had this one poor old lady who was confused and was restrained as usual for her safety. She was our designated resident nightmare geri from hell, so she was placed near the Nurse's s...
  3. Or perhaps you wish to contact them to say you support such procedures?
  4. What was the funniest thing you have ever done at work?

    I WAS A DEAD BODY AND STROKED OUT A NEW SECURITY GUARD! In our hospital, all dead bodies to the morgue were brought down by security guards and a Nurse. One quiet night shift, about 3 am, I struck with my cohorts! We had a new Security guard on our s...
  5. Please contact your US Congressmen and the White House to urge outlawing PBA. Thank You.
  6. The US Congress is again set to produce a bill to ban so called "Partial Birth Abortion," aka intact Dilation & Extraction. It is happily highly likely the President will sign the bill into law, and we will rid our nation of this most barbarous p...
  7. how to reduce the smell?

    How to overcome the smell of urine and feces? Betadine. Lots of betadine. I prefer the smell of betadine to the above.
  8. If men got pregnant......

    Zis is soooo silly! There is nothing to giving birth! How do I know? Listen, I was there with my wife when my kid was born, and I didn't feel a thing! In fact, I was the one that had to do all the work! *Oh, honey, give me some ice chips! *Oh, hon...
  9. What comfort measures would you want?

    IV morphine until I stop breathing... In my own home... In my own bed... asleep!
  10. Why are most nurses women even today?

    Ya, und I justz vent inte der nurzing te meetz babez!
  11. Why are most nurses women even today?

    Ya, zo - ye looks like und goodz lookins babe te mez! Ur ye frees ur ares ye takinz?
  12. there are conflict lovers among us! gack!

    Let your light shine to light the darkness, and you will help put an end to such strife. On the other hand...hay, all those flat top nurses like that need to put on a big white startched nursey hat to cover the runway on top of their heads! And again...
  13. Experienced Nurse vs. Graduate Nurse

    Ya. Running to codes was exciting for about one day, and then I found out what happened to bladder and bowel sphincter control after a code is pronounced... "You bag em, you have to tag em..." Poops on that!
  14. Why are most nurses women even today?

    Ya, vell, diz iz maybes nots zo bads, iv mostz ov de vomen in der nurzing iz goodt lookingz! Unt dat iz vy ya I iz vor der shortz skirtz fur de vemon iin der nurzing. Oh, ya! Das iz goodt!
  15. Why are most nurses women even today?

    Ya, zo vere iz all de shmart women in de nurzing vat haz gots un opinionz fer evervtingz buts dis?

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