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What would you do if your instructor insulted you in front of the hole class?

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Just recently I had a friend of mine cut my hair. She did take off more then I would have liked so its a little short and since my hair is naturally curly when she cut all the dead ends off it really curled up!! Anyway when I showed up to my A&P class the instructor started out our lecture as "look guys she got a new do, or she stuck her hand in a light socket" I thought it was pretty rude but I just blew it off and replied "Ha Ha very funny'' Then the next night at lab I went up to his desk to have my lab graded and he asks me what everyone thought of my new hair. I said "most people like it" then he tells me ''well what if their just trying not to hurt your feelings'' Then he says "you do look alot different I almost had to ask for your ID when you came into class last night" Maybe I'm being over sensitive but I really feel like he was out of line. I'm not sure what to do. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Multicollinearity, BSN, RN

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Ignore him. He's an unkind jerk, and he's trying to get a reaction from you. Don't give it to him.

llg, PhD, RN

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Was it inappropriate? Yes.

But unless he has a pattern of inappropriate behavior, I would just let it go. It's not worth making a big fuss over it. In the course of your life, this is a small incident. However, if he continues to make comments, tell him that it hurts your feelings and ask him to stop. If that doesn't work, you'll need to talk to his supervisor about his inappropriate behavior -- but I wouldn't go there unless it got to be a big problem.

Yes he was out of line and acted like a jerk. Be thankful that it wasn't something a lot worse. Chalk up his behavior to "inconsequential" and just deal with the class so you can get your grade. If his behavior escalates then do as advised before. Tell him to stop. Report him to his supervisor. You have a right to attend and participate in that class without being "molested" in any manner by the instructor.

Don't let him/her know that you are bothered by this. Obviously, this person gets thrills from insulting others. For some reason he targeted you. But why should he? You are confident, feel great about yourself, and don't let others get you down. Right? You can do a couple of things- either Ignore this and it will go away. Or if you joke about it with him it just may stop. Next time-respond with something off the wall like-ummmmmmmm let me think of something............How about, Your pet mouse likes to nest in it at night. Just totally something out of ordinary. Reverse psycology works sometimes.

Thank you for the advice. I probably will just try and ignore him. He is very rude and he has made other rude remarks to other students. But their is only three weeks of class left I just need to try and stay focused and some times its hard when you have a jerk for a instructor. Thanks for all the good advice!!!

canoehead, BSN, RN

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If he comments on a personal item again, just say calmly, "I didn't ask you, and I like it."

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It's amazing how a person can obtain a position of relative prestige and accomplishment, and still have the emotional IQ of a middle schooler. :rolleyes:

Like what the other posted just ignore him. I had someone guy not an instructor that i used to go to high school wth- a real jerk someone who was popular and thought he was the greatest, well to make a long story short about 5 years after I graduated high school he shows up at my work and proceeds to say some very mean and cruel things to me and i just ignored him. That goes to show that jerks like that never grow up, they will always be little imature children with emotion issues. Believe me ignore someone like that is far worse then to say something back, as long as you are fine with yourself that is all that matters, ok. Keep your head up because like you said only three weeks left and you will be finished with that class. Keep us posted ok.


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yes my anatomy instructor was such an @$$. uhh i hated him with a passion. i've even heard that he "smacked" a girl in the back of the head when she got a question wrong. i was talking to a lab partner of mine that i wanted my husband to buy me a laser printer so i can get nice copies of my anatomy power points. apparently he overheard and decided to butt in and say, "can your husband afford one of those?" my jaw gaped open, and i said , "for one they are not as expensive as you may think, for two my husband takes good care of me and makes real good money"..i was hot. . i'm a grown woman, you're a grown woman, you don't need his insults. he was more than out of line he passed the line. i know there is nothing you can really do, like the other posters said, just try to ignore it. try to keep it in your mind that you are "just passing through". focus on passing then do not recommend him to anyone else. thats what i ended up doing, just trying to get through the class without thinking of him. best wishes and realize you are not alone, there are many instructors that should not be.


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:lol2: Oh I know what I would do but I daren't post it here LOL ;)

Cooperate and graduate. If you choose to say anything, make sure it won't put a bullseye on your back. Everything you do in nursing school follows you from term to term, and teacher to teacher. Don't make waves unless it is truly worth it.

Very, very well said SMK1. Have seen, or experienced myself, what you are talking about. One should never rock the boat in nrsg school.

I have a teacher that gets pleasure out of making students uncomfortable, putting them on the spot, embarrassing them and making rude comments. Nobody likes or respects her as a teacher but we know we just have to make it through this class!!!!

I tell myself it's good practice. Stuff like this bothers me & I need to learn to let it roll off my back. Because unfortunately, her attitude is probably NOTHING in comparison to what I will have to deal with one day when I am a nurse.... whether it's an irate patient, impatient doctor, coworker, difficult family member of a patient, etc. etc.

So I just look at it as one more aspect of learning for this class. Either you say nothing & ignore it (like our entire class is doing right now ~ we don't even respond to her "jokes" or anything ~ it's total silence & she doesn't even seem to notice, or care). OR.... say something to him that gets the point across in a firm & business like manner. And just remember..... only a few more weeks!!!! :)


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I have a friend in nursg school who talked back to the teachers. She did not last long... I have to agree that this teacher is rude, inconsiderate, and a total jerk. If you can live without making a big fuss, do so. If not, report him to a superior. 3 weeks is not a long time, as you well said.

Good luck! (Your hair is probably fine)

You can look at it from a different perspective: May be he had a thing for your hair before this happen, now he is angry you cut it off. Take it as a compliment (!)


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