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  1. mama4girls

    Penn Valley

    I have heard that the night program is hard to get into and they only accept apps every two years for that program. My philosphy is to go ahead and take your gen eds and if it takes you to long to finish them just go for your 2 yr degree and then apply for a BSN school. I know it will take you longer but there are way more options for BSN programs then ADN programs. I just finish all my gen eds and I am about to apply for the day program in January, I have a 3 year old so I will have to find some daycare for her. I just figure I will take whatever program I can get into. Good Luck!!!
  2. mama4girls

    Soooo Tired Of Studying?

    OMG I feel your pain. I am so sick of studying I could scream. My house is a mess, the laundry is starting to look like a small mountain, and I am running on about 5 hrs of sleep a night. I'm taking A&P 1, I just keep telling myself its almost over I have 4 classes left and my final. I feel like I have been on over drive since September. I'm not sure what its going to feel like when I don't need to study. I can hardly wait!!! But then Jan 14th its right back to the books for microbiology. Hang in there its all worth it in the end.
  3. Thank you for the advice. I probably will just try and ignore him. He is very rude and he has made other rude remarks to other students. But their is only three weeks of class left I just need to try and stay focused and some times its hard when you have a jerk for a instructor. Thanks for all the good advice!!!
  4. Just recently I had a friend of mine cut my hair. She did take off more then I would have liked so its a little short and since my hair is naturally curly when she cut all the dead ends off it really curled up!! Anyway when I showed up to my A&P class the instructor started out our lecture as "look guys she got a new do, or she stuck her hand in a light socket" I thought it was pretty rude but I just blew it off and replied "Ha Ha very funny'' Then the next night at lab I went up to his desk to have my lab graded and he asks me what everyone thought of my new hair. I said "most people like it" then he tells me ''well what if their just trying not to hurt your feelings'' Then he says "you do look alot different I almost had to ask for your ID when you came into class last night" Maybe I'm being over sensitive but I really feel like he was out of line. I'm not sure what to do. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  5. mama4girls

    Penn Valley

    Penn Valley was just my first choice. It was cheaper then other programs and I will finish faster and be able to get into the work force with my ADN and then later if I choice to go back for a BSN I can. Which I will probably do after I get some experience under my belt. Hope that helps!!
  6. mama4girls

    Penn Valley

    Hello my name is Kelly and I am currently going to Penn Valley I hope to apply for the nursing program in Jan. I heard there could be a waiting list. Anyone have any ideas?
  7. mama4girls

    Really Scared!!

    Hello my name is Kelly I have always wanted to be a nurse ever since I volunteered at a local hospital as a young teen. Recently, over the past summer I got the opertunity to have a fun weekend away from my 3 children for the first time in years. I traveled way down south to a river to go on a float trip with some of my friends. Well while I was there I made the worst mistake of my life and I'm scared it is going to cost me my career. My husband and our friends pulled over on the side of the river and we were all doing beer bongs (I must say I was pretty wasted) Then some one comes over with a joint so my husband and I were like cool so we started smoking it and right as I was about to take a drag the water patrol jumps out of the woods and screamed at everyone that we were all under arrest. So need less to say I was charged with possesion of under 35g of marijuana. I am not a habitul smoker and I am scared to death that my weekend of partying is going to cost me everything. I hired a lawyer but I'm not sure what is going to happen. I live in Missouri and I contacted the MO board of Nursing and all she could tell me is that they eveluate your circumstances on a case by case basis. This is my first offense and I'm not a drug addict. If anyone has any helpful information I would be greatly appreciated. I am kinda freaking out!!!