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What is/was your hardest class?


It will be another year before I start my first year of nursing, I will go a year for my LPN then another for my RN and hopefully I will be able to continue for another few years after that. My question is for anyone who is or was in nursing school. What was your most difficult class (nursing class)?

I'm thinking about buying sometype of book that will give me an overview of what I will learn my first year, so I can get a little knowledge in before hand. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate all the info I can get!!


Jennerizer, ASN, RN

Specializes in PCU, Critical Care, Observation. Has 13 years experience.

Med-surg & pharmacology------lots & lots of information to be learned & so hard to remember it all!!!

I just started my Nursing program. Pharmacology was difficult for me but it was very interesting.

psych was my hardest mostly because it scared the bejezes out of me..now that I am older I realize most people on the planet could have some sort of diagnosis...:) Me included!!

bluesky, BSN, RN

Specializes in Critical Care, ER. Has 4 years experience.

I am very sorry to say that I haven't worked very hard in nursing school... but the class that *would* have been the hardest had I actually attempted to get that "A" would have been Med-Surg.


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For me anything math related. Pharmacology and the one non-nursing which was the hardest was Algebra any Algebra class is difficult for me. Yet I really enjoyed Chemistry. Go figure!:rolleyes:

Pathophysiology was a pre-req but one of my hardest classes. I reference this text all the time, it is very helpful understanding disease process.



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the "hardest" classes to me, med/surg and pharm and micro.

A lot of students find the endocrine information challenging. I'd recommend spending some time reviewing it in a med/surg book if you have the time.

Nursing classes overall for me have not been difficult, but pathophysiology required a lot of studying to earn an A. Eighteen hours studying for just 1 test in that class. Usually 1-4 hours of studying is all I need for a test.

Thank you all for your replies!!

I think I'll purchase some type of pharm book and also the book that the current students are using for med/sur, it seems like most of the replies that I received are regarding these two classes, so this should help tremendously for me the in the future!!


Congrats to everyone that survived another semester of nursing school!!! Must say Med-Surg was the most overwhelming class for me, got a A though. Tip: Get a good NCLEX review book like Saunders. Good Luck:cool:

Mine was advanced med surg! That is one tough course.

In first year, my hardest class was DEFINITELY anatomy & physiology.... But second year, med-surg was definitely a challenge.... Drug therapy, not so much though...

I'd definitely get a human anatomy workbook from Chapters and go through it, cause that's the most challenging thing: learning all the body systems and how they work, which is the underlying basic principle to everything in nursing.

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