What was the funniest thing you have ever done at work?

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My ultimate funny was when I jumped up on a stretcher with a blanket over myself and waited for the nurse to come on night shift. she near had a heart attack!!:roll


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That's easy, a few of my friends and I formed a line all of us in office chairs on wheels and "canooed" down the entrie length of the unit humming the theme to "Hawaii 5-O". Don't ask, it was a VERY long night.

April Fools Day we created an entire fake patient for the day shift. CHF, MRSA, Chest tubes, foley, incont of bm, .... basically a train wreck of a patient. I wore the monitor under my scrubs so that our patient had a rythym on the monitor. Our PCT's stuffed the bed to look like a pt was in the bed. When our shift was over we left, I took off the monitor and let the nurse taking the patient that his "patient" was off the monitor. We had gotten one of our new nurses to give report (a very sweet and innocent looking girl). He had no idea it was coming.

When we got back that night, the nurse had gotten all gowned and gloved up and in the room before he realized what had happened. He had a really good sense of humor (a very good thing) and was just more relieved not to have that patient.

We had so much fun planning it all night!


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Myself and another co-worker staged a disgusting prank on several of our RN co-workers one day. I was a new RN then and was thought of as the craziest nurse on the unit (this reputation has followed me...not sure why?) We had a comatose, going into the light type patient on a vent. We asked for a few lifters to help roll the patient over to clean up the "C-diff" code brown. What we did instead was put down a sterile chux and place butterscotch pudding on it. We had this all staged for our comrades and when they came in we preceded to have this arguement of whether it was C-diff or not. So I ran my finger through it and wiped it across her mouth and asked "it smells like it, does it taste like it too?" Our shift manager nearly had a coronary.....I on the other hand nearly peed my pants laughing from the reactions on their faces. Ahhhhh just one of my cherished nursing moments.


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That's a good one insane!!!ROTFL!!



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I have another one (more than that really...)

We had a trauma arrest and myself and a very pregnant co-worker went down to the morgue to get the "convertable" (morgue cart). I came up with the idea to put a nice clean sheet under the lid and crawl in, she went to another nurse and some security personnel to aid in lifting. "come help the poor pregnant nurse" was such a good setup. When they all got in there and I could see a leg next to the cart, I reached out and grabbed it. It was one of the security officer's legs and he screamed thus igniting the other nurse into a high pitched dither. I almost was shot, he had his hand on his hip when I popped out. I am laughing so hard right now just visualizing this moment. Our ED has since then been closed (the hospital itself too) and these moments I cherish.......thanks for letting me share them.

More to come...


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I once found a Doctor going through the linen store. When I asked him what he needed, he ignored me, so I locked him inside the store and threw away the key. It took the capenter two hours to breake the lock and free the Doctor.


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Originally posted by tmatekwa

I once found a Doctor going through the linen store.

Years ago, my "initiation" to working in ICU was to cath an unconcious male patient. When the report came back, my coworkers showed it to me and pointed out that there were many sperm in the specimen. "What were you doing in there?" they snickered. If I had remembered my A&P, I would have realized why there were many sperm in a male UA spec. Instead, I said, "Cathing the guy; ask the doc; he was in there with me." They just hooted louder. :rolleyes: Sigh.


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Insane, I absolutely laughed out loud at your post about the morgue convertible. I am still laughing, as I type this. I have worked with some security guards that I would have given my right arm to see be grabbed and surprised like that! If there are any typos in this, it is because I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard! It is a wonder you weren't fired!


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We did a similiar 'morgue' like incident on Hallowe'en last year. we had one the secretaries in a shroud and the porter came with security to take 'the VSA' to the morgue for us. You could hear the screaming in the waiting room...


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On a particularly slow overnight with a low census we engaged in a saline/water fight with 60cc syringes. One male nurse was getting the rest of us pretty good so we decided to gang up on him.....We hid behind a corner & when we heard him coming the 4 of us let him have it!!

Imagine our surprise when we realized that it was our new DON who had popped in for a "surprise" visit!!

Not even looking down at his now dripping suit he said " Keep up the good morale" & left the unit.:imbar

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We had a really heavy, big beer bellied corpse we were trying to get onto the morgue cart, which was stuck in the high position and the bed wouldn't rise enough to be level. We couldn't get him rolled up hill, so I had the bright idea of using leverage by getting up on the two carts with a foot on each one so I could "swing" the guy over. Unfortunately the brake wasn't set and just as we got him toward the middle, the beds started to roll apart with me straddling the widening gap. Splits time!

We heaved REALLY fast and managed to keep him off the floor, but the curtains behind me were open, and across the courtyard was the ICU waiting room with a full view of our antics. I don't think anybody saw me............:cool:

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