What else do you do?


I am just curious what other jobs do some of you nurses have?

Currently I am still in school for my BSN, but I plan on nursing not being my only job. Once I get out I plan to get on a fire department, and get my medics license. I hope to work at the hospital on my off days from the department. Anyone else doing something similar?


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Right after school, I went back to my old retail job for awhile.

I am considering volunteering with the local fire department as well.

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Just remember to get hired as a new grad you will have to obligate yourself to full time orientation.

I have always had more than one job. All nursing but more than one.

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Once I became a nurse, I admit I've only stuck to nursing jobs.

However, a friend and I once seriously entertained the idea of becoming bartenders as an interesting second job outside of nursing. And if I had the right body type, I would earn some extra cash as an exotic dancer. :up:

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40 hour work weeks and fulltime graduate school, plus 3 school-aged kids is enough for me. I recently applied for a PRN weekend lactation consultant position at a local hospital, but when they called to interview me, I came to my senses and withdrew my application.

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I'm a mom of five! :woot: I work half-time as an RN, and that's enough between my kids and school (finishing my BSN)

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I work per-diem as a nurse and as a full time medic... Would love to do something outside of medicine like firearms instructor or something along those lines....