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Hey everyone!

I graduated with my BSN in May and I am STILL unemployed. I have applied everywhere in NJ (hospitals, LTC, doctor's offices...everywhere). I also got my ACLS and IV certifications. I honestly don't know what there is left to do. I am so discouraged because I feel like I am doing all that I can. My student loans are creeping up, my parents are sick of my living at their house, my car has been running on empty for a week because I don't have money. At this point I'm about to give up and get a job doing anything. However, I'm worried then that if I do go back to nursing, I won't have any chance because I've been away from it for to long.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :redbeathe

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I sounds like you need to leave town. Head to the south. Don't worry....you can go back someday.

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Nurses is a wanted job and i really hope you can find a job somewhere .. coz being unemployed for long makes people forget what they have been trained and studied...Am sorry for what you're going through!

Have you tried applying overseas..? Are u interested in working in the somewhere else where they pay very very well, such as in the Gulf countries.

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I had a similar experience when I was a new grad. What I finally did was I applied to a hospital about 3 hours away from where I lived. I got the job, got a little, teeny, tiny apartment to stay in while I was working, and then came home on my weekends off. After about a year, I had enough experience that I was able to get a job closer to home. Now that I am (temporarily) a stay-at-home mom, I kind of miss my little "bachelorette pad". At least I always knew when I came home it would be clean!

Good luck.

I had to relocate for a job. Just be careful I was promised the moon and they didnt deliver and my husband got a job here so now I am stuck. I hear upstate NY is good for new grads, have you tried the Syracuse area? Do you have any friends or family in any other areas of the country? If you do, start applying in those areas and see if you can bunk with them for a few weeks until you get settled. That way youll have help finding a place and it wont be as lonely. Any friends from nursing school in the same boat? Apply & move away together! You dont have to stay forever. But do plan for at least one year if not two, many new grad positions require a contract.

I relocated as well. I graduated in May and each week of unemployment i expanded my search another 20 miles away from home. I got hired in August at a hospital 2 hours and 15 minutes away. I got an apartment and come home on my days off. I'm hopeful that after 6 months to a year of this i can get a job locally. Good luck!!

I'm also a new grad relocating 1300 miles for Med/Surg position. I signed a 6 month contract, so if I don't like it after 6 months I can go back home and hopefully get a job!

Thank you so much for the responses everybody. I am seriously considering relocating. However, I do not have the money right now...I don't have any money right now, haha. Any suggestions?

How far are you willing to drive? I just got a job, and am driving an hour one way. Apply everywhere and anywhere. Don't be afraid to call and follow up, I know I was a little weary to continuously call HR departments and nurse managers. I always called and asked if the nurse manager got my application or if the HR department received it. They may not have liked it, and it probably was wrong, but I was desperate too. Don't loose hope. :)


You always have the option of going into the military as an officer, then all your expenses are covered! You wouldn't necessarily be required to go to a combat zone or anything. There are a lot of options available to you! Hope you are able to find something you are happy with soon!

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There is always the Army or Navy Nursing Core... with a BSN you have the qualifications.

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If I were you I'd get a job doing whatever I can for now, especially with the holidays coming up, anyplace retail-like is hiring for seasonal help. Then start applying out of town. The east coast in general is really tough for new grads right now, but especially the bigger cities. Where in NJ are you? I'll tell you that my particular area of upstate NY has started to "come back" at least nursing job wise. My hospital has probably 40 job openings for RN's right now, quite a few of them are taking applications from new graduates.

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