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I'm a Navy wife and mother of 3 children.

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  1. arigato

    are any of you...

    egibson, You have NOTHING to be ashamed of! My husband is in the Navy, and people would be surprised how much financial aid we qualify for! You aren't one of those people who get food stamps and some how find the money to get your hair and nails done, buy beer, cigerettes and still somehow afford to buy a 2010 sports car- those people make me sick! YOU are doing what you need to do as a single parent to care for your babies, THAT is something to be proud of! Listen to your parents! You are going to have enough stress with NS and the kids, trying to work too is just putting too much on your plate! Look at it this way, if one of your kids were in the same position, would you want them to let you help, or insist on doing everything alone? If you need to do something to keep from feeling like a "bum", then come up with some type of agreement to repay them for their assistance when you graduate and get a job. Be PROUD of yourself for taking care of your kids and making a life for your family!:redpinkhe
  2. My husband is in the military too (we are in Japan) and if you are interested in working as a civilian in military hospitals, then you'll need a BSN. They give spouses priority for hiring and you will only have to be licensed in 1 state regardless of where you move! When we get back to the states, I've decided to get my BSN so that I can have my choice of options. Even if you only plan to work off base, you'll be able to apply to a wider variety of jobs with a BSN. I know in the state I lived in previously, that many of the Nursing jobs were for nurses with a BSN. But it's really just about what is going to work best for you! Best Wishes!
  3. arigato

    How do you manage your spouses in nursing

    I can relate! My inlaws have offered to buy my hubby a car, pay his rent, and give him spending money if he will leave me! He's an only child and they have fooled themselves into believing that he's perfect. They are crazy! His mom even told me that "I knew he had a drug problem, but I didn't want to deal with it." :smackingf (this was happening when he was a teenager) How messed up/selfish do you have to be to ignore something that could KILL your child? But anyway, getting WAY OT.... Anyway, I've understand how hard it is to feel the pull between your family and your career. Are you on a specific time frame for school? Is there a chance that you could take a semester off, or cut back your classes to spend some family time? If not, can you cut back work? My husband had a hard time with my school (I only did it for a semester) because he just wasn't use to having to deal with the kids and things by himself. I got snappy too, it's hard not to when you want to do so well at something, but feel guilty about not spending the time you want with your family/kids. Another option might be have ONE whole day where you agree to not open a book and just spend time with the family playing games, going to the park whatever you guys like to do. Make the time to show your family that YES you are busy, but they are still a priority to you. I'm sorry you feel so overwhelmed, and hoping you are able to find a balance that works for you and your family!:hug:
  4. Sarah, You always have the option of going into the military as an officer, then all your expenses are covered! You wouldn't necessarily be required to go to a combat zone or anything. There are a lot of options available to you! Hope you are able to find something you are happy with soon!
  5. arigato

    Need Advice...how to get back into NS?

    I read your other thread, thanks for posting it! My CI was a lot like yours. Everyone else in my clinical group passed except me, and this includes the "girl who refused to touch anyone" and "girl who was so incompetent that she was not allowed to care for a pt on her own". Yea, so I'm the one every other student ask to help them in clinical, and the one that the staff nurses come to find to show me the "cool stuff" since I was one of the few in my group that actively tried to stay busy and experience everything I could. I had a RN with a BSN (we were in an ADN program) as a neighbor and I even gave my care plans to her, for her to look over and give advice on, she said that she thought they were perfectly fine. I'm glad that you were able to be accepted to a new program! I totally know your pain! For a while I didn't even know if I would even continue to pursue nursing again, because I worried about having the same problem in another school. How can I possibly fight some one who has complete control over my grade and it's basically at their discretion? No way to fight it, and no appeal the decision there has to be something wrong with that. It probably also didn't help that I "blew the whistle" on some girls who were leaving clinical during lunch to go drink... Well I definatly learned to keep my mouth shut, but not sure what else I can do to protect myself. I am going to take some classes to finish my AA (and get my gpa repaired) while I'm overseas, then try to get into a BSN program. REALLY hoping my science gpa will boost my status in the eyes of the new school!
  6. I was in the top of the theory class, but had issues with Clinical. It didn't help that my Clinical instructor insulted me in front of the class "I'm surprised someone with a 95 average can't think of something else to say..". in response to a question that only a pharmacist and HER apparently knew the answer to and "you have the lowest grade in here BY FAR...." in response to the grade she awarded me on my care plan. And these were just a few of the comments she graced me with.... She would grade my care plans and consistently give me 1point less than passing even though she would say that I was improving... And add to the fact that I had 2 small children, and a baby who was only 3mths when classes started and a 2 1/2 year old son who was having seizures, (was not diagnosed at the time, but now has been officially diagnosed with a complex partial seizure disorder) I just didn't have the time to spend extra time practicing in the lab. The CI ended up failing me when my then 6mth old baby got an infection and had to be admitted to the hospital. It was a Weds and clinical was Thursday. I called her as soon as I could to inform her of the situation and let her know I would be absent the following day. My last care plan was due the next day, but I told her I would arrange with my husband to trade off with me at the hospital and turn in my paper prior to the end of the clinical day. We were allowed to miss up to 2 days of clinical, and I hadn't missed any. Her response? "I'm tired of dealing with it just give it to (my theory teacher) Monday and let her grade it!" and hung up....not I'm sorry you're baby is sick, nothing but that.... I get to theory on Monday, and informed by the theory instrutor that I have a meeting with the Head of NSing dept that afternoon at 4. I'm then told that my Clinical Instuctor has marked me as Failing and that I would not be allowed to continue my program, but that I could try to retake the semester at a later date. This was almost 2 years ago, and we have moved from the area (husband is in the Navy, and we are currently stationed overseas) I am working on getting a bachelor's degree so that I can get my grades back up. I had 3.8 prior to Nursing school, but now have 2.8. My question is basically when I get back to the states, how can I convince the new school that I deserve another chance? Do I just say that I had some family issues and leave it at that? I don't want to come off like I'm making excuses because I need to take responsibility for my own short comings. I did have some issues with clinical skills, and I've always been kinda clumsy. I do believe that my CI was very unfair to me, but I still have to deal with the fact that I didn't practice as much as I should have and that's no one's fault but my own. Anyway, sorry for such a long post! Anyone have any advice/encouragement?
  7. arigato

    Question about the amount of studying you do

    I am not in nursing school right now, but I did take a semester of it about 2 years ago. I had an "A" in theory, and to be honest I didn't study 1/2 as much as other people did. You can't judge how you are going to get the material in relation to other people. But I do think sometimes that people, in my class at least, OVER studied. They would pour over the books trying to "memorize" case studies and you CAN'T really know what to do in real life if you use that approach. It's more about understanding the process than it is memorizing step by step. That's the only way you are gonna be able to go in to a room and know what your pt/client needs. This came easily to some of us, and seemed impossible to others. Of course, you DO need to read your books, anything in the chapters you are assigned are game for tests. But my teacher was awesome in that she would specifically mention items of interest that we should spend more time reading. I almost never (except in the first few weeks after orientation and first few weeks of class) read every page that was assigned. It simply took too long and at that time my baby was only a few months old. I then just started reading the 1st chapter after each heading, and then skimming through to see if anything was catching my eye. Another thing that helped me was downloading my books onto my laptop. My books (from elsevier) have a set up where you can highlight in your ebook and then have your notes sent to word so you can print them out, or just save them to look over for the test. Made my life so much easier! In short, it's really just about finding what works for you, and going with it. I think they told us in orientation to expect to spend at least 2 hours a day studying... but I can't really remember. Try not to go by time, but what you are able to learn from the material.