What degree is better for an RN?


I'm just starting college and I'm confused on what degree to go for? Some say a BA gets you a job faster but more expensive. Others say an ADN gets you to work right away, gets you more experience. Are costs the same? So what's the point of 2 extra years?

I just want to hear some opinions.


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I kind of feel like its a just a way to get you to rack up more tution others would say different. My wife has an ASN and she is a great nurse, personally Its overated. Im going to LPN school after that Il bridge over to RN but thats it. Really unless your going to be an NP or going into management forget it. But thats my opinion!!!!


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Depends on where you want to work too. Hospitals are leaning to hire a BSN with no experience over an ADN or ASN with experience. Some hospitals are even sending their 2 degree RN's to get their BSN and LPN's to get their RN.


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Some hospitals are starting to only hire BSN nurses. The hospital my mom works at, that's what they do there and there are a few other hospitals I know of that do that as well. I even talk to some ASN nurses and all of them tell me to go straight for the BSN because in the years to come that's what will be required. I think of you're young and still have time to spare, BSN is the better route.

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It definitely depends on where one plans on working. Most of the hospitals in my area (Boston) prefer BSN .

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If you can, go for the BSN, just in case the hospital that you work for decides to hire BSNs only and you are called into management and given an ultimatum of getting your BSN in 2 years and be fired. This was something many ASN nurses had to face.

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There are a lot of hospitals that now prefer a BSN over an ADN. As far as pay goes, I have seen no difference in pay between having an ADN and having your BSN. Pay goes by the amount of experience you have.


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I am an LVN and in Texas the jobs are extremely limited for me. If your going to go to school it would be best to go ahead and get your BSN. I does matter what license you have. With a BSN you will have so many more options.

i think it is also where you live at that would determine whether or not you need a BSN over an ADN... Here in Pennsylvania almost all hospitals are only taking NEW nurses with a BSN unless you already worked there as something else or you must be back in school to get your BSN because they are becoming MAGNET hospitals so it is really hard to get in with ADN. Probably would be best you go the extra 2 years because you will be able to decided where you want to go verses taking a job you really don't want. Good Luck with whatever you decide :shy:

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If you want to be a nurse, don't get a BA. Go for the BSN.


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Get a adn it is only a quarter difference not worth the extra two years in school and a quater is not going to pay off the tuitions bills sooner, btw you can get your next degree online, and save gas take your time one step at a time and just start working :)


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I work for a hosp and yes you can work as an ADN ,but I have heard they are not hiring anymore lvn,lpn