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  1. Different color scrub Top and Pants, does that look ok for Male nurses?

    The facility I work in we have to wear white. The CNA's get to wear white pants and a colored top.
  2. Graduation Day

    Friday is the big day, finally graduation and on to boards!!!!
  3. Thank you for your jab at my bad day, BTW I'm a former military medic, and have put alot of hours and hard work into my health career. Hospital, battlefield, the street. I have worked over 300 codes, intubated , well need I say more. Maybe I don't ha...
  4. Gay male nurse concern about male patient care

    When I worked as an aide, I was given alot of crap about that. Well needless to say I married the charge nurse lol. Anyway who cares what people say, this is a different time gay or straight except it and go on!!!!
  5. He would have ran away screaming if it was C-diff lol, you have to pay your dues, I despise tools like that they don't belong in the nursing club!!!!
  6. Thanks for all the input, I was having a bad morning and needed something to b**** about lol ! Hope everyone has a great day!!!!
  7. You make a great point!!!!
  8. If they would encorporate some of that stuff in the nursing books it would be great. Chemistry was a complete waste of my time, but world religons was helpful, I could go on but oh well just being crabby I guess:)
  9. My personal opinion on taking classes that really do not have anything to do with nursing suck. If they focased on the nursing and passing boards maybe the pass rate for yhe nclex would be better. Are you going to be a math,english or writing major o...

    Take it again are you worried about it that much, are you not ingesting the info correctly? You can always get a tutor to help you. Dont be afraid to ask for help. Suck it up and go get your RN, there are always hills to climb and opstickles do what ...
  11. What degree is better for an RN?

    I kind of feel like its a just a way to get you to rack up more tution others would say different. My wife has an ASN and she is a great nurse, personally Its overated. Im going to LPN school after that Il bridge over to RN but thats it. Really unles...
  12. Starting Nursing school with a criminal record!?

    When I enrolled in school they did a criminal background check that I paid for, and checked my credit report. Alot of schools will not let you in if you have a criminal background its a waste of your time and there's. I know in Missouri you have to h...
  13. I feel like a FAILURE, what do I do now?

  14. Really liked this post thank you. Now my 2cents: My wife is an RN a great nurse I learned alot from her, she did not make the best grades in school. Grades are not everything. Just keep busting your butt in school, your teachers see this. Im in an LP...
  15. Drug Reference guide