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Being a prenursing student and dealing w/ all this mumbo jumbo in college. I am beginning to think this isn't to off the mark.:uhoh3:

By the way my English Essay papers or any essay papers for that matter I always affectionatly called my writing "B.S.ing the essay". And wouldn't you know I would inevitiably get an A. So I can relate MAN. Peace Out.:chuckle

Thanks for the laugh I sure needed it.:rotfl:


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That's hysterical!! :chuckle

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After 4 years and $35,000 in loans I can't laugh at that.....stupid.gif


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At first I was like who is this ?? some crazy nut?? but then I read on and he really makes sense!! I was laughing my head off.

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Oh, this was a good one! :rotfl:


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Thanks I needed a good laugh today!! :rotfl:


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jschut, BSN, RN

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Thanks Betts....always worth a laugh.... :)


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Ahh so it is good thing I switched out of Political Science though you didn't say anything about it (it is a mix of Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, and a lot of BS I mean A LOT OF BS) and people not trying to sound smart

at first I thought you were trying to insult us but no you gave me something to go to sleep on besides thoughts of the hip joint which I just studied for 45 minutes

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