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nursing student wanting to be a midwife someday with my own practice

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  1. jhawk07

    Whats your nursing student/school pet peev???

    That exact situation happend to me last week. We had to do a careplan as a group and it was for 40% of our test grade too!!! I told them we needed to be more detailed, but they just wanted to get done fast and they rushed thorugh it. If I had done...
  2. jhawk07

    Anyone who took Physiology...

    I just finished doing a distance learning course for Physiology even though I am in a 4yr program I wanted to avoid the stress of a large lecture class. Even though in the end it wasnt much less stressful probably. I think I got a B or a C, but at ...
  3. jhawk07

    Can we get a roll call for Jan 06 beginning nursing students?

    I am starting a BSN program on January 10th. I am taking my physiology final tomorrow, it was a individual study class and then I will be done. I have to pass the final to get the credit for the class, I got a low grade on the midterm. It is a rea...
  4. jhawk07

    How many credits is your foriegn language class?

    at my 4-yr univeristy the two beginning classes are 5 credts and is M-F, the two intermediate classes are 3 credits and are MWF classes. It is 5 credits because it ivery intensive.
  5. jhawk07

    Are BIG student loans the norm?

    So far I have around 10,000 in loans from my last 2.5 years of school. Mentioning that I did switch majors from political science to nursing after the 1st, but it only put me back one semester. I have been a dependent so far and my dad has amassed ...
  6. I'm starting my 1st semester in nursing school January 10th and I just got my book list. I have been searching online for the best deals. I have a question on one of the books: I have a Palm PDA and I am planning getting all the reference books I c...
  7. jhawk07

    I did something really stupid

    I think you did the right thing, nothing stupid. you didnt have time to find gloves and put them on. you reacted immediately like any smart person would. i fyou are worried go to your doctors office and tell them what happened and they can do any ...
  8. jhawk07

    Should I take Chem Lab?

    I would get the AP Chemistry book. It is designed for students taking the AP test but it has a great basic review of all aspects of chemistry along with good questions that you can answer and explanations of the right answers to help you learn it. ...
  9. jhawk07

    Fort Hays???

    umm I wouldnt do Fort Hays personally. I would do Baker or KU. I know they both have programs. The univeristy of Colorado also does. I am going to Baker Univeristy in the spring in Topeka as a BSN student. I think Baker requires mainly theory cl...
  10. jhawk07

    Should I take Chem Lab?

    I HATE Chemistry labs. In my school the labs dont follow the class so they dont help just create more hassle. If yours does follow the class and it does help you learn the material i would take it but if it doesnt just avoid the hassle.
  11. jhawk07

    Nusing School Orientation - 6 Hours???

    6 hours is nothing!!! I have three days! 8-5 w/lunch for three days! This includes as far as I know, enrollment, safety, study skills, get to know each other activities, tours of the hospital, etc. I'm looking forward to it, mainly because it will...
  12. jhawk07

    RN students can sit for LPN????

    I dont about LPN but my nursing school has told me that after my first semester I can work as a SNA (senor nurses aide) i.e. I can do CNA duties, plus some (i.e. phlebotomy, medical tech, etc.) I can more than the CNA doing that. I dont think I hav...
  13. jhawk07

    Accelerated BSN programs

    I got in with a 3.4, but this only included my nursing prereqs not any of the other courses I had taken that lowered my GPA to a 3.23. they also looked at individual grades in your science courses (I had gotten an A in Microbiology, a high B in Anat...
  14. jhawk07

    If you had a choice.....

    I would only do the LPN if I was in need of having a job and money faster. If not I would do RN and i would do BSN. I am getting my BSN right now. It will provide me with more opportunity for advancement, some hospitals do pay BSNs more. And I ca...
  15. jhawk07

    What classes are you taking?

    I'm not taking pharmacology until my second semester: we have our first semester: *Pathophysiology *Concepts of Health & Nursing Theory I-not sure I get what we are supposed to learn in this class, something about theory, problem-solving, and an ...