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I live on the East coast and work in a large Level 1 teaching hospital in the ED. Of course, we have a diverse work force and several from Ca. Have heard that salaries have really increased tremendously recently. One coworker, who seems very reliable, tells me he was making $82/hr when he left Ca to come to NC(his wife is an attending MD in the ED). He also tells me there are some locations paying $100/hr. Really hard for me to believe this. If this is so, I certainly would not dismiss the possibility of flying to Ca a couple of times a mnth to improve my earnings. I would appreciate feedback concerning this and can be reached at [email protected]

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HA! I find this soooo unbelievable!!! :eek: I'm talking to travel nurse agencies regarding assignments in CA, and I can assure you that they did NOT mention such hourly wages to me. However, I will be watching your thread to see where exactly that kind of $$$$ is being made. :chuckle


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"You can fool all of the people some of the time...."


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Ok, I know California pay huge amount of money. but $80-$100/Hr is a little bit on the fantasy side.Don't u think? I say More evidence please..............


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what i really know is...the starting salary is about $24.75-$35.++/hour, for nurse with a specialization... i hear for a nurse anesthetist the starting is about $75-85/hour;)


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I just finished an assignment in San Jose. I am not sure what the regular staff was making. But, I do know the per-diem is 50 dollars and hour (with weekend/night diffs). With the time and a half over 8 and double over 12, we had several nurses who did 16's on a regular basis. It would make a pretty good paying shift.


ps. That place would also suck the life out of you!!


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I was contacted some time back by a scab agency that claimed to pay $800-$1400 per shift, depending on specialty. Was that possibly what he was doing?

Where I work, the top pay right now for a specialty charge nurse with 25 years seniority is $42/hr. There might be 3 nurses in the whole facility that have reached that point on the pay scale. Most of us are making somewhere in the $30-38/hr. range.


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New grads would start at $35/hr where I work in Cal. They would get 10% diff for eves, 20% for nocs, 10% for weekends, 5% for charge. The current contract expires the end of March.

I think some hospitals with severe nursing shortages that aren't bound by a contract could be hiring people at some of those really high wages in previous posts, or travelers. But I would think that would be short term til they can hire permanent. Haven't heard of that where I work.

Remember the hourly wage sounds great but the cost of living is very high!!!!!!!!!


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$35 per hour as a new grad? If I may be so bold as to ask, where in Cal is this? San Fran? I have seen around 33 per hour but not with the same differentials.


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SF Bay Area Actually I read the contract wrong it is $34/hr as new grad, with most senior nurse making about $44/hr. They have narrowed the difference between new grad and senior nurse by increasing entry level salaries so they canincrease ability to hire. This rate is average around here, but not the high average. Clinical specialist or Level 3 nurse( which you have increase CE's, committee work and you have to apply) makes about $2/hr.


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The only nurses I have heard of who make $100 an hour are CRNAs.

Check out salary.com. It seems to be fairly accurate.

In California salaries can vary widely by region as well.


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I currently work in San Jose and am a SN II in an ED. I have been with the hospital a little over 7.5 months and am making 35.43/hr. I work days so I do not get the differential. With is from 3-5.00/hr depending on shift.

Have a good one


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