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  1. caramel

    University of Dundee

    could i have some information on university of dundee also i am desperate to finish my bsn .
  2. yes i did, they say they needs to see a grade by each subject
  3. Hello everybody I trust all is well with everybody. So I seem to be having major problem with University of Phoenix. I not only spent alot of money with this Uni, i have now been told that my diploma (project 2000) is not recognized in the united states of america. my problem now is i have completed my degree with university of phoenix, only to be told i need to complete 2yrs of prerequiste which is all the courses i did back home in England I am confused , i dont know what to do. They awarded me only 30 credits towards my degree i don't understand, I am so confused : Any advise will be welcome
  4. caramel

    Socialised Medicine the myths and the facts

    Hey madwife. i agree with you completely . i am not sure why people are so against it. i have heard a lot of nurses say, if we get socialized medicine nurses will not be paid as well as they do. so if its not broken ,don't fix it which is totally stupid.
  5. caramel

    Any RN's from UK in US pursuing furthur ed

    Hey Belinda , i didn't think one could do that. i did a project 2000 (diploma in nursing ) currently undergoing a BSN with UOP .i hope to complete next july. i am still however having problems with transcripts. I know P2K is worth 120 credits. i don't know how much UOP would give me, in orther to qualify for loan assistance. this is all driving me crazy . do you know how much credit i might get? (i know stupid question)
  6. caramel

    Travel Companies to Reccomend?

    hello everybody. i will be starting my very 1st travel assignment in july. might be heading upto virgina or ohio state. now my question is regarding my my travel company , strategic nurse staffing has anyone heard of them. please let me know. thanks
  7. caramel

    What company do you use?

    hello lovely people. i have just joined strathegic nursing agency . has anybody heard anything about them, good or bad. thanks
  8. caramel

    Travel Companies (On Assignment)

    Hello everybody. has anybody heard of strathegic nursing agency. if you have . would you recomend this traveling company.
  9. caramel

    Seeking other UK RN's in USA

    hello caramel here. i qualified from kingston university (london) p2k ex student . currently working at ucla hospital in california . i got here 18mnths ago. nearly done as my contract is 2yrs . would like to top up my diploma to a degree. don't want to spend too much time in uni either . over here i have been told it could take 3yrs .due to pre reqs. any idea fastest way to go
  10. caramel

    Londoner moving to california.

    Hey suzanne thankyou for all your help and advise.this 3year journey is finally coming to an end again thank you.
  11. caramel

    Londoner moving to california.

    Hello lovely people . i have finally got everthing ready.(ie immigration.) i will be moving to los angeles 1st week of july.to commence work at mattel childrens hospital. i need to know where to start looking for apartments safe area . i have never been to california ,so i am really looking forward to this move.i don't drive so living close to work for the first 6-12 mnths would be good any good ideas would be appriciatedi need as much information as possible .whatever you think i should know please let me know . i know whatever happens I will be overwhelmed once i get there just share any information you think i should be aware of. thank you Kindly caramel :uhoh21:
  12. caramel

    Washington D.C here we come.

    Hello twinmommy.thank you for replying. i have been offered $28/hr for childrens national medical center. DC being an expensive place, do you think this will be sufficient to live on in a nice safe area? we will be relocating from london,can you suggest any suburbs near to work.
  13. caramel

    Washington D.C here we come.

    Hello everybody . My hubby and I and my 3 year old daughter are thinking of moving to washington D.C. i have no idea what to expect of D.C basically my lovely friends i need help. i will be working at the childrens national medical center. i need to know what house prices are doing, good places to live any information would be appriciated . thanks caramel
  14. caramel

    I140 approval...

    thanks Patzy. Good luck . hope it all goes well