Londoner moving to california.


Hello lovely people .

i have finally got everthing ready.(ie immigration.) i will be moving to los angeles 1st week of commence work at mattel childrens hospital. i need to know where to start looking for apartments safe area . i have never been to california ,so i am really looking forward to this move.i don't drive so living close to work for the first 6-12 mnths would be good any good ideas would be appriciatedi need as much information as possible .whatever you think i should know please let me know . i know whatever happens I will be overwhelmed once i get there just share any information you think i should be aware of.

thank you Kindly

caramel :uhoh21:

suzanne4, RN

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Nice to hear that you finally got everything completed. :yelclap: :yeah: :w00t:


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Hey suzanne

thankyou for all your help and advise.this 3year journey is finally coming to an end

again thank you.


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First of all, WELCOME! and I hope you enjoy living in LA (I certainly do).

Second, you will be working at UCLA (Mattel Children's is the pediatric department of a much larger medical facility).

Third.....LEARN TO DRIVE FAST! This is a must for living in LA. We are not a "walking" town. We have very little public transportation and where you will be working is right on the UCLA campus so while apartments are numerous, they are also expensive. Be prepared to pay at least $1000/month, most likely more. Suggest you go to or or (I think that's the address). UCLA is located in Westwood....nearby areas are Brentwood, Santa Monica, West LA....all very expensive areas to live.

UCLA is an excellent medical facility and I think you will enjoy your experience there.

Also, don't forget to bring your umbrella.....rain is our snow and this last year we had alot of it....but you wont have to worry about that until next "winter".


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