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What are the best Nike shoes for a 12 Hour Shift?

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I am about to start my first job as an RN in a hospital. I was wondering everyones opinions on which Nike are the best for working a 12 hr shift. I have tried other brands for exercise and daily wear and always seem to go back to Nike for all my shoe needs. I am sure I want Nike but I was just wondering opinions on the most comfortable style of them! Thanks!


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I liked air max for work. Only 8 hr shifts though. I also used to wear shoxx. They have full leather wipe-able versions. Not sure if they still make them, though.


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Thanks! I love my air max nikes for working out so I was wondering opinions! Thanks again!


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From my personal experience (and each person is different) Nike's, Brooks, etc are great for walking and running but for hours of standing I come home with my knees, ankles, and feet just aching. I LOVED my Dansko's until I rolled an ankle in them and have since switched to Alegria clogs. I have one of the newer styles not the older clunky clogs. I could work several more hours on my feet in those. I think they are made not just for the walking but the hours of standing we do too. Again, each person has preferances and that is just works for me.

I work in a well known retail store that has a huge footwear department and I get nurses in all the time asking what is the most comfortable shoe, and honestly I don't recommend Nike's. A great brand would be Brooks Running. They have great mechanics through out the shoe than Nike. Being that you will be on your feet all day, you really should get something with a lot of cushioning through out the shoe. Just my opinion.

@FLICURN what style of brooks did you wear? Do you remember?


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FLICURN: we may have the sane feet! Lol!! I wear danskos most of the time. But I swap them out for my allegrias or airc maxes a few days per week. 😀

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Is this a NIKE commercial disguised as a post?


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Is this a NIKE commercial disguised as a post?

Bwahahaha! Emergent, dear! I wear nikes irl to the gym and around town. But for work, I honestly would be a better advertiser for dansko!😀

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I prefer Dansko, and even working out/running, I prefer Asics. Brooks feel too heavy to me, but they are a darn good shoe. Nike don't provide enough support. I also like cheerokee clogs.

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Bwahahaha! Emergent, dear! I wear nikes irl to the gym and around town. But for work, I honestly would be a better advertiser for dansko!������

I thought you only shopped in vintage clothing stores in Medicino County...

For brooks shoes, you need to try on the Launch 2, they are new from this past spring and are very comfortable and provide great support, while also being lightweight.


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Not a Nike ad! Hahaha I've tried others and just seem to always be disappointed and always go back to Nike.

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I have worn nothing but Nike Shox since I began as an LPN in 2008...even before that actually. I wore them during nursing school as well. I swear by them. However, everyone is different. I can't wear New Balance to save my life..others would say you'd have to pull them off their cold dead body.

I also have Dansko's that I love but I tend to move quickly and very often I would have a lovely little ankle roll. Never hurt myself..but scared me. All I could think was, what if that happened while transferring a patient or walking an unsteady pt.

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I am not sure if you are absolutely stuck on getting Nike, but I am an IV nurse so I am always walking around the hospital and on my feet most of the shift. I have Sketchers with memory foam, and OMG are they comfortable!!! I would just go to the store and at least try them on, my feet use to hurt like heck until I got those!



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I tried tennis shoes, but every one I tried made my feet and legs hurt by the end of the shift. I found the perfect shoes for me. I found the SafeTStep brand Gretchen Clog at Payless for around 35. They are so comfortable, I've been able to work five 12 hour shifts for the last 7 months without aching. And they come in s ton of color/design patterns.

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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I sometimes wear Nike Reax running shoes to work. They get me through my 12-hour shifts without much incident.

I also like New Balance and Adidas. I have a short, wide foot and prefer shoes that are naturally wide.

I bought Nike Frees 5.0 for nursing school. I've read good things about them on AllNurses but have not worn them in a clinical setting yet. Goodluck!

Princess Bubblegum

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I bought Nike Free 5.0s because they were colorful and fairly inexpensive, but they made it only a couple hours into my shift before we got multiple C. diff admits and I changed back in to my ugly white Dansko clogs that I can use bleach wipes all over.

I do like the Frees, though. Just not for work.

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I used to like Nike Reax until I fractured my foot running in them. They seemed to work great for working 12-16 hour shifts compared to others when I worked the floor at a hospital.

Im not sure how accurate this is but it came from a couple sales people at RackRoom Shoes. Aasics (spelling?) and then New Balance were doctor recommended and to stay away from Nike.

Personally, since having that fracture removed (unable to heal), the only shoe I can wear is Ecco Biom without having a red swollen foot. They're expensive and I had to buy them in a department store but they've lasted forever (One pair I've had for two years). I've survived running (truly running) around an ALF for 16 hours and was pain free.


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