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  1. UCHealth Nurse Residency July/August 2019

    I don’t know if it’s required unless you apply specifically for their new grad residency program.
  2. New nurse advice

    Typically primary lines should have a separate connector cap where you can push meds and saline flushes through. If not, then yes you need to disconnect the line, flush with saline, push med, and flush with a new saline syringe before reconnecting th...
  3. Very First Nursing Job

    I’m working in a small community hospital on a surgical/acuity adaptable unit (we can take Med-Surg and IMC level patients). I’m going into week 3 of being on the unit with my preceptor (for about 1.5 months I’ll be day shift and then the rest of ori...
  4. The Worst Interview of My Life! Ever!

    Personally I don't think it was her business whether i was going to live with a boyfriend or with family. I don't think that should matter when it comes to getting a job. It's not her concern, in my opinion, who or where I live, as long as i make it ...
  5. The Worst Interview of My Life! Ever!

    Had an interview with a director of a department and was told to my face that I'm a risk because I planned on moving near the location with my boyfriend. I was then asked if i researched cost of living in the area because their department lost some g...
  6. New Graduate

    While I did not graduate as a 4.0 student, my work and school experiences seemed to have helped me land some interviews in Colorado while being an out-of-state applicant. I applied and was granted an interview for the same residency program with Denv...
  7. ATI Predictor

    My school used VATI as well. However, we had to have a 92% chance of passing nclex. That equals out to be about a 71-73 on the ATI predictor. When i took the ATI predictor i got a 95% chance of passing and got a 73.3 on the predictor. Took NCLEX toda...
  8. UCHealth Nurse Residency Program July/August 2019

    Hello, i did not get the Colorado Springs Interview. However I got the Denver-metro interview.
  9. UCHealth Nurse Residency Program July/August 2019

    Hello, i heard back this week. I did not get the Colorado Springs interview. However, I did get the Denver-Metro Interview.
  10. UCHealth Nurse Residency July/August 2019

    I am still waiting on a reply as well. I received an email a couple weeks ago saying that they will make a decision for interviews the week of May 13th (this current week), I have yet to hear anything. Good Luck!
  11. Hello, i was wondering if anyone has heard back from UCHealth this week regarding their Nurse Residency Program for July/August 2019?
  12. When I originally applied for my current position, I didn't hear about about a possible interview for about 3 weeks. In that 3rd week I called HR and checked on my application and they informed me that at the time they already hired the staff they ne...
  13. Help me pick a surgery to observe!!

    I'm sure my response is late considering it's already June, however, I had the opportunity to observe a surgery as well. I was able to pick between a hip replacement and knee replacement since we were learning about rehab nursing in med-surg III. I c...
  14. Meyers Brigg, Have you done it?

    I am a Senior nursing student and just took this test out of curiosity after reading this post. My result is ISFJ: "The Defender". All descriptions of this personality type are spot on for me. Part of the description states that my personality type w...
  15. Charles Cullen and Other Healthcare Serial Killers

    It is so interesting that this post is on here. I am currently reading The Good Nurse by Charles Graeber which is about Charles Cullen and his serial killings. I highly recommend reading this book! I can't put it down.