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  1. Samm06

    New nurse advice

    Typically primary lines should have a separate connector cap where you can push meds and saline flushes through. If not, then yes you need to disconnect the line, flush with saline, push med, and flush with a new saline syringe before reconnecting the line. (Also, if you have to completely disconnect, make sure you stop the infusion first, and then make sure you put a cap on the primary line so you don’t have to get new tubing due to possible contamination). If you have the saline flushes still capped then you don’t need to worry about contamination. But if you remove the cap, make sure you are actually ready to administer it. I know what you mean by the solumedrol. The vials my hospital carries already have some saline inside (so it’s already reconstituted correctly) and you just push the topper down to release the saline and then shake gently to mix and then pull up the needed amount of mL in a syringe using a blunt needle and then discard the needle before pushing the med through the IV line. *having this questioning attitude is a good thing!!!
  2. Samm06

    Very First Nursing Job

    I’m working in a small community hospital on a surgical/acuity adaptable unit (we can take Med-Surg and IMC level patients). I’m going into week 3 of being on the unit with my preceptor (for about 1.5 months I’ll be day shift and then the rest of orientation I’ll be on night shift and transition into nights permanently). The first day I followed my preceptor around and did head to toe assessments, passed meds and some documentation. Yesterday was day 5 and I held the phone for coordinating patient care; did all patient care for 2 out of 4 patients (assessments, documentation, coordinating care, calling doctors and pharmacists). It was great experience to do so early on in orientation so I can learn what I need to work on. Had a sit down meeting with my preceptor, manager and nursing educator of the residency program and we discussed my strengths and weaknesses. They want me to start taking all 4 patients’ morning assessments and pass meds on my own with my preceptor there for support so I can learn how to manage my time. I have also done 2 admissions on my own as well. It really is a huge learning curve once you are out of school and actually working. You’ll be great! Just be up front about what your strengths and weaknesses are and your preceptor will help you. And if you think your preceptor is not helpful, advocate for yourself and request someone else.
  3. Hello, i did not get the Colorado Springs Interview. However I got the Denver-metro interview.
  4. Hello, i heard back this week. I did not get the Colorado Springs interview. However, I did get the Denver-Metro Interview.
  5. Samm06

    UCHealth Nurse Residency July/August 2019

    I am still waiting on a reply as well. I received an email a couple weeks ago saying that they will make a decision for interviews the week of May 13th (this current week), I have yet to hear anything. Good Luck!
  6. Hello, i was wondering if anyone has heard back from UCHealth this week regarding their Nurse Residency Program for July/August 2019?
  7. When I originally applied for my current position, I didn't hear about about a possible interview for about 3 weeks. In that 3rd week I called HR and checked on my application and they informed me that at the time they already hired the staff they needed. I was really bummed but I have my original job (a retail position) anyway. So, because of the open communication with the HR recruiter, when another spot for my current position was available, the HR recruiter decided to call me first since we had been in contact with each other. My best advice, call in after about a weeks time to check in on your application and see what they say. If they are unable to provide you with an interview, just thank them for the opportunity.
  8. I was just wondering because I live over an hour away but it sounds like a great opportunity, however I would need some kind of income during those 10-weeks
  9. I have looked over the website for the details but I was hoping to gain insight on personal experiences.
  10. Hello everybody, I recently became informed about a Nurse Externship at the Children's Hospital of Philedelphia for 10-weeks in the summer of 2018. My questions are has anyone completed this kind of Externship at this hospital and if so how did you benefit from from this experience? (Also, was it a paid Externship? If you are not from the area do they pay for housing?) Thank you.
  11. Samm06

    Should I minor is psychology?

    Taking extra psych classes should be helpful for you when you take a psych nursing class. I have my psych minor and I'm still taking psychology classes.
  12. Good evening, I am a junior nursing student and will begin to go on clinical rotations in a hospital on various units throughout the semester starting next week. My question is does anyone have any tips or important things that need to be known before a rotation in the ICU, CVSICU, and PACU? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you so much!
  13. Samm06

    Stress and School

    Have you ever heard of Olly vitamins? They have a vitamin line called Goodbye Stress. It contains GABA, L-Theanine, and Lemon Balm. They are gummy vitamins and you take two dummies as needed when you are stressed. I tried it a few times daily without realizing its supposed to be used as needed. So it kept me very mellow during the day but focused. If you aren't interested in this, you can try any kind of stress vitamin as long as it's okay to take with your medication. I would seek advice from a doctor before you try this method. Best of Luck!!
  14. Samm06

    Clinics Being Cut Short

    I would do the paper, only because it may be used for extra credit later in the semester. (unless the instructors mention in the syllabus that no extra credit will be given)
  15. Good evening, I am curious about how many years it took you to complete nursing school. Please include the type of education (diploma, certificate, ADN, LPN, BSN, DNP, MSN, etc..) and the number of years to complete. I am currently in my 6th year of college for my BSN. I enrolled into college Fall 2011 straight out of high school. The first three years I had to complete my pre-req classes and even repeated AP 2, Chemistry, and Microbiology. In Spring 2014 I did not make it into the nursing program of my first college so I had to transfer to a private 4 year college in Fall 2014. Fall 2016 I failed my first nursing class (Med-Surg 2) and I cannot retake the class until Fall 2017 because at my private college certain classes are only available during certain semesters. Instead of graduating in Spring 2018, I am now a year behind and will be graduating Spring 2019. At my new college you can only fail 2 classes, if you fail the same class twice that is the same as failing two classes and you are removed from the program. Have any of you been through something like this and still had the motivation during your time off from a clinical class to study? What kind of study tools and techniques did you use? I currently bought three Demystified series books (pharmacology, med-surg, and assessment). Has anyone used these books and were able to better understand the material and pass a class the second time around? Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this post and respond.
  16. Samm06


    For my Foundations (last semester) and Med-Surg 1 (this semester) I have used a divider for each week. Staples sells dividers with numbers on them, so I just use whatever number of weeks I'll be in school for and keep all my classwork and powerpoints separated per which week we start the unit.

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