What do you do with an agency that does not understand NO?

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My agency will call me for shifts at facilities that I will not go to, then they seem to get mad and say stupid things like "well we need to fill this but no one else will cover this shift either". Gee maybe there is a problem at that facility:D When we tell them of open shifts they are not always quick about checking on them. I may have to go back to working regular staff if this continues. My husband is not very happy with a stay at home wife. :rolleyes: I have several facilities that use me when they need someone, which at times keeps me quite busy. This is a slow time right now. One facility that calls for hours then cancels at the last minute has gotten my last exceptance for shift. It just make my husband too mad when I have to turn down another facility that will not cancel and then get cancelled by this facility. Oh by the way my agency will not let us cancel on this facility but it is ok for them to do it to us. Go figure. Well now I feel better. Thanks for letting me vent.:o

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Vent away... we are the group who understands the ups and down of Agency Nursing.

I have a sure thing list. If somone from the "list" calls me in ample time for a shift and I am scheduled elsewhere, I cancel the other shift (again, considering I have givien them ample time).

It sounds like you made a wise decision to no longer schedule at that facility that cancels you.

Oh and I wuld deffinitely be looking for another agency too. YOu can not cancel but THEY can??? uhhhh no way...

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Re: agency and "stay at home wife"..I have noticed thru the years, that working agiency, at the end of the year, I always

make more money...lots more money...than I do on staff plus I am off for a month in summer and thru all of December.

Your agency has a contract with the facilities; so when the hospital calls the agency, naturally the agency wants to keep the hospital happy.

I always go to the agency office and hang around at least once a month and shoot the breeze, get to know them, they get to know me, I let them know what happened re scheduling and how/when/where my preferences are.

It always works....I get what I want....cause they remember my comments...we have lots of laughs........... and I help them out sometimes if they are in a pinch at a facility...but then "they owe me"....and they're usually grateful.

You sound like you are going to go back on staff. It was never an option for me...too much stress , meetings,, evaluations, politics, stress........... I would never do it.....it was never a thought.

Agency has everything going for it, but it takes time to establish yourself with your agency...then they will give you everything you want cause you are making $$ for them. Good luck .


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If an agency doesn't look out for the NURSE and only is interested in what the AGENCY needs, it is not a good agency to work for.

Yes, we work for them...but they need to remember they are making their $$$ off OUR sweat and OUR licenses so they work for US too.

I always keep a PRN staff job along with my agency work...diversity for the for slow times. :)

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I let my agency know where and when I will work, they are great about keeping me booked, I hardly ever get cancelled and when I do they always have my back up hospital available. It sounds like you need to change agencies, if they agency isn't keeping it's nurses happy then no one makes money.


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At the facility where I am regulare staff, we cant bump agency with out a one week notice! We love our agency nurses, if it werent for them we would be so short staffed! We include the ones who come regularily in our little functions as well. ( like shift pot luck for supper, and the yearly birthday cards etc)


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I think I need to be where itsme lives:chuckle

Any agnecy that would call me with shifts from facilities that I don't go to, wouldn't be my agency!


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My agency tend to make me feel really guilty if I turn a shift down. could be doing an early shift and they will ring and ask me to do a late shift the same day, all the way across town. When I explain I cant get across town in 20 mins or that I am busy they start moaning and saying things like.. " well you said you would work for us?"

I reply by saying "Ive just done over 60hrs this week, i am working for you!" but they still tut at me and make me feel guilty.

Love and Hugs

Amy xx


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Don't let them make you feel quilty, just remember THEY are making money for THEMSELVES off of your back and your license, and that's probably all they are concerned about.

I wonder sometimes if they understand english?, you tell them you won't work for one reason or another until the next week, and they still keep calling and calling.

I'm working to meet my needs and my goals, not the agency's and not the hospital's.

I definitely utilize my caller ID and my answering machine if I don't want to go in and work.

It seems like all nursing employers are alike, institution or agency, and after years of the manipulation, coercion, intimidation, threats, etc. to get one to come in and work, I've changed the way I think and I'm going to think about and do what is best for me.

They probably need you more than you need them.

I just noticed, it looks like you are across the pond, maybe things are different there.

Love and hugs right back!


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I worked for an agency that would do just that, try to make me accpept shifts at places that I did not want to work. I did not want to give them any reason why, just that I did not want to do it. They would of course keep pressing me for answers and would keep pressing me to go to those places. When I signed up with them, I gave them a list of places I wouldn't work. I left that agency because they are not my father, that I have to give an explaination to about each and everything that I do and why I will or will not do a certain thing. It is not only intimidating, but it is a waste of time, and it is unprofessional!


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It borders on harrassment, in my opinion.


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Thank you all of you. I now know Its not just my agency that treat people in his way. This last week I have had 2 very early morning calls (1:45am and 6:30am) both of which were to my mobile, which Ileave on silent at night because of this reason, the messege said it was very important I get back to them. On doing this I was asked if I would change one of my shifts for 3rd November!! yes, very important!!

Why phone in the middle of the night to ask about a shift in a weeks time??

This is why I always have my phone on silent at night and I have not told them my landline number.

Can I ask where you are all from?

As you can see I am on the South Coast of England.

Love and Hugs to you all

Amy xx

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