WGU RN-MSN Education

  1. Hi everyone! I'm interested in pursuing my RN-MSN in Nursing Education at WGU. Has anyone completed the program successfully? If so, was it worth it, how long did it take you to complete, what was the hardest part(s) for you?

    I'm interested in teaching online in the future and wondering if this program prepares you for that and if there are grads that successfully land online nursing instructor positions post completion of their MSN at WGU?

    Thank you all in advance!
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  3. by   TaeRN
    Following. ...

    I'm starting the master's program in nursing education July 1st.
  4. by   Cmr3009
    Hey! I'm starting July 1st, too. Have you started your papers
  5. by   smc091
    I am starting the MSN Nursing Leadership program in July 1st.
  6. by   Marian96
    I'm starting my MSN in Education on August 1st!!!