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  1. spaghetti321

    Botox/Filler requirements by state

    I’m looking for a comprehensive list of each states RN scope for Botox/Filler injections. Which require additional certification? Which need to be under an MD, which can be under an NP. I can find the information digging through specific states RN scope through the corresponding Board of Nursing. But I feel like there is probably a list somewhere I haven’t stumbled across yet.
  2. spaghetti321

    WGU RN-MSN Education

    It depends on what your state requirements are. For example, California requires MSN clinical hours, Oregon and South Carolina do not (I’m a traveler)
  3. spaghetti321

    WGU RN-MSN Education

    I have not had any that were chats or conferences, but there might be one or two near the end of the program. I can’t see that kind of detailed information on courses I have not activated yet. Some are video recorded, some are papers. An example performance assessment is dissecting a qualitative and a quantitative research study, this assignment was about 8-9 pages (for the Evidence Based Practice course). Another example is doing a video recorded head to toe (with an actual person) which took about twenty minutes. (You can see these on YouTube). Another is going through a virtual city clicking about 300 times (not exaggerating) then completing 3 worksheets on what was observed. So they really vary. They are not difficult, if you follow the prompts and rubrics, but they are time consuming. Extensive materials are provided, but the actual site is not very user friendly. I highly recommend a printer. There are no “textbooks” it’s all a web-interface that involves a lot of clicking and no way to “bookmark” or “highlight” information. In saying this, my point is to stress that if you are not computer savvy, there is a learning curve and you may struggle.
  4. spaghetti321

    WGU RN-MSN Education

    I’m currently enrolled in the RN to MSN education program. It is truly self paced and you can get a lot done in a short period of time if you want to. With a few exceptions... My biggest complaint is that it takes a really long time for assignments to be returned/graded. Sometimes I wait 3 days, then the smallest revision is required, so I resubmit, then 3 more days and a different evaluator decides something else minor needs to be revised. It’s really inconsistent and a headache. The actual course instructors do not grade the work. This is where you can have a big hang-up on it being “self-paced”. The assigned program mentor is helpful, to a degree. You will have weekly phone meetings for the first month or so, then go to every other week. It is kind of a waste of time, but I know the goal is to keep you on track. They cannot answer any questions about the courses specifically, and are basically a glorified directory/operator that will tell you who to contact when you have a question. This specific program only has 2 courses that have objective assessments, (I think there is 1 in the BSN to MSN track) so it is a good amount of work. I should be done the RN to MSN in 2 terms though. You could finish RN to MSN in 6 months if you really wanted to, just start strong so you can get your hours in. Just an insider tip- spell everything out in the performance assessments. I don’t think the people grading them have medical experience, so you can’t imply common medical knowledge like “vitals”. You have to say “respirations, heart rate, blood pressure, temperature”. Annoying and tedious. I happy to answer any specific questions if you have them.

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