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  1. Marian96

    Nurses with nasty attitudes

    A couple of days ago, I went through a very unpleasant situation, and I would like to hear your feedback. I work as a nursery charge nurse on a mother and baby unit. As a charge nurse, one of my responsibilities is to assist the nurses on the floor with the newborn’s care. One of the newborns on the floor, all of a sudden started showing retractions and tachypnea. As a nursery resource nurse, my responsibility is to contact the provider and help the nurse with the newborn; as soon as that happened, I placed him in the monitor and contacted the provider. The provider recommended to transfer the baby to NICU, she placed the order in the system, and in the meantime, I kept the newborn on the nursery to monitor him more closely…….. One hour and a half later, a peculiar character showed up at my unit. This person came to the nursery, did not introduced herself to me, kept walking, and started talking with the newborn parents. She talked about: s/s, treatment, diagnosis, prognosis, and who knows what else!!!!! (All this without verifying the newborns/parents bands) I was surprised by the lack of manners and ethics of this “NURSE.” I asked her name, and she became very defensive “Like I just said my name is such and such blah blah.” She gave me a vague answer, when I asked for her ROLE sh became even more defensive and stated she did not know what I was talking about in a very rude tone and in front of the parents. When I asked her if she received a report from the floor nurse, she stated, “We do not do that in NICU” At that point, I was done. I left, and let her do her “thing.”When she was done, she grabs the bassinet and rolls out of the nursery, like she owns the place. Of course the “Safety alarm” was activated cause no one putt he transfers on the system, cause, of course, no one knew about her plans at that time. She also left the chart and the newborns belongings. She never approaches the floor nurse or receives the report. My point is, why this nurse has to be so rude? Why is so difficult for a human being to show some manners? Why? Why? Why? I mean, we are both nurses, she supposes to be my college. What happened with the courtesy? Even my providers on the floor, they introduced themselves to the unit and also to the parents. For GOD, sake is manners. If NICU does not do report fine but at least have the courtesy and the professionalism of communicating with your peers decently, BE PROFESSIONAL.
  2. Marian96

    Preceptor needed!!!!!

    They don't! I'm concern cause I feel I have to put my msn on pause till I find one; it sucks!
  3. Marian96

    Preceptor needed!!!!!

    I'm completing my masters as NE and need a preceptor ASAP! My preceptor must have her MSN-Ed and also work at an academic setting!!
  4. I'm a MSN-ed student at WGU.For the past month I have been struggling to find a preceptor. Although I'm not on the "Field experience" yet, I was encouraged by my CM to start the process as soon as possible . I have more than 15 years of clinical experience as a Trauma Nurse and now I'm in a Mother and Baby floor, most of my experience is at the hospital, meaning that I do not have connections or friends on the academic field. Please feel free to leave any suggestions!!
  5. As a part of my MSN program I have to interview a Nurse Educator.However, I do not know any Nurse Educator. Is a 10 questions interview, please helppppp!!!
  6. Marian96

    Things colleagues have taught me NOT to do...

    Never,Never,Never administer a Decadron IV too fast,becauseeeeee....... it has a very very bad side efect(anal itching),in the indications specify to administer very slowlyy
  7. Marian96

    Puerto Rico

    La Junta examinadora de enfermeria NEVERRR pick up the phones,but you can go to "Departamento de Salud de PR" in there is a section "formularios" and you can print an aplication and mail it to them,Im not sure how much is the fee.
  8. Marian96

    New Grad looking for advice

    I finished my bachellor at Interamerican university of PR in the Aguadilla Campus and I really love it.That was like 3 years ago,in October 26 2010 I took my Nclex RN and I pass,that means a lot to me and make me realize how much I learn in the Interamerican Nursing program.At this time I have my CT RN license and seeking for a RN job hopefully soon I will find it!!!!!!