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Is it possible to do the msn educator program in one term 6 months? In a way that's 2 quarters, so it would be 15 units per quarter. If the student is able to handle all the load, is it possible to... Read More

  1. by   trulyme
    Hello everyone! I have been reading all of your posts and I am very interested in learning more about your experience in the BSN program. This is geared more to those of you that are 1st time students with no RN degree. I have a B.S. In Biology and i am having a very hard time getting into a program :-( How is this program? Has anyone had a hard time finding a job or getting into an MSN program other than the one MSN WGU offers? How are the clinical sites assigned? Is there anyone from IL enrolled in this program? I would really appreciate any feedback. Thanks alot :-)
  2. by   meanmaryjean
    The pre-licensure BSN program is only available in Indiana, Texas And California. If you do not live in one of those states, you are not eligible. Sorry.
  3. by   Flamingonurse
    What is the IRB you all are referring to. I have a BSN from University of Phoenix and I would like to get my MSN in education. Does anyone know what prereqs were added to your curriculum?
  4. by   stepnurse01

    Did you complete WGU's MSN program in 6-12 months? Any suggestions for students planning on applying for the MSN program at WGU?
  5. by   tortorRN
    Anyone have any problems with getting into other grad programs other than WGU after getting a BSN. I am interested in getting into a BSN to DNP after I get a BSN.
  6. by   SweettartRN
    Quote from stepnurse01

    Did you complete WGU's MSN program in 6-12 months? Any suggestions for students planning on applying for the MSN program at WGU?
    I completed it in 7.5 months.

    Go at your own pace and don't let anyone stand in your way!
  7. by   cayenne06
    I started my MSN in nursing education on October 1st. I have completed 6 credits so far and am working on 7&8. I am starting to formulate my idea for my capstone. Unfortunately my mentor won't open up my capstone & research proposal classes until I finish everything else, so I don't want to put any real work into it until I get approval for my idea. I think my idea is rock solid, but it is not nursing specific- it draws heavily on another health field, so I don't know if they will like that.

    Sweettart, how did you overcome this obstacle? Did you get approval to work on your capstone at the beginning of your semester? Or did you just finish everything else up quickly (like I am trying to do!) and get started on your capstone at that point?
  8. by   stepnurse01
    Cayenne06... very impressive. I am hoping to do the same thing next year. I am so motivated! Congratulations on your intensity....
  9. by   stepnurse01
    SweettartRN... 7.5 months is amazing. Thanks for answering my post. Did you have any challenges with the Capstone project? Are you planning to continue your education? Do you know of any other nurses that have completed their WGU degree and have been accepted into a Nurse Practitioner program? I am inspired by you all!
  10. by   stepnurse01
    To anyone finishing or are currently in the WGU BSN program... How are the computer-based exams? Any advice or comments?
  11. by   mclennan
    I just started the MSN in Nursing Ed Oct 1st. Here are my impressions, pros & cons:

    1. Pro: one of the few accredited, well-regarded NON-PROFIT schools out there that isn't out to suck up Pell/Fed financial aid

    2. Pro: designed to be SO easy and user friendly, a monkey could pass with a degree

    3. Pro: high Mormon quotient on staff in SLC, so SUPER friendly customer service

    4. CHEAP.

    5. Con: all grades are pass/fail so there's no GPA and your credits won't transfer to most brick & mortar/terminal degree programs that aren't WGU. True story. Very sad. Think hard about if you're going to pursue more schooling after WGU and where. WGU at this time provides a "letter" to schools explaining their "pass=B" policy but most won't accept that, they want letter grades and GPAs. BEWARE of this. I hope they modify this practice sometime in the future, because when all these WGU students decide they want to get DNPs and PhDs at non-online schools they'll be essentially SOL.

    6. Con: the quality of writing from other students is pretty atrocious. Painful, sometimes, to read the message boards. And, as it is in most of our sad society, people have a propensity to use the boards and assignments to a) brag about themselves b) talk a lot about their religion. It gets tedious. I don't really give an R.A. about your decorated military service, your many sparkling professional achievements, your children or your church. Just write what the assignment is asking and get it over with.

    7. Con: many scholarships won't fund online degrees. This might change, but there are growing pains in the academic world caused by the advent of online education. Scholarship entities are struggling to keep up. I had a heck of a time begging for money, because so many refused to fund online degrees. I thank the vulture-capitalist, for-profit schools for that, *cough* U of Phoenix *cough* DeVry *cough* what?

    TONS of students doing WGU are also parents, so a lot of their stuff panders to that. It's keenly felt by us non-parents, believe me. If you aren't "struggling" with or "juggling" work, school and kids you won't be able to identify with about 99% of other students. I wouldn't point this out if it wasn't always presented as if these people deserve medals for their choice. Sorry, you chose parenthood, work and school. You're no more special or stressed out than anyone else. It's great you belong to a big club and have people to talk to, but remember not everyone is the same. I sometimes wish WGU didn't sell themselves so hard on that angle!
  12. by   klone
    Mclennan, regarding #6 and your last paragraph - to what are you referring to, specifically? I have almost NO interaction with other students, aside from our private facebook page. So I'm curious where you're experiencing all these interactions with others.
  13. by   mclennan
    90% of my assignments in courses require posting a short reflection or essay to a message board, and/or responding to other students' postings. Everyone in the course can see and read everyone's posts, and there are hundreds of posts per course.