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  1. LoveToHike

    Pros/Cons of a Western Governors degree

    Hi TWiersch - I'm in the RN to BSN program.
  2. LoveToHike

    Pros/Cons of a Western Governors degree

    I feel like the pros and cons are different for everybody and will depend on what's important to you. For myself, I was looking for a school that didn't require group work, was affordable, and I could do at my own pace. WGU fit all those so they are my pros. Cons? Graduating with is a 3.0 is a con for me, but it doesn't bother others. I was also concerned that since it's competency based, I wasn't going to learn anything new but that hasn't been the case. After being in the program for just 2 months, I have to say I'm thrilled with WGU and I'm glad I chose it. My mentor is fantastic, I'm learning things, and I wish I hadn't spent so much time making up my mind about WGU! (my stumbling block was the 3.0 GPA) I tell everyone I know about WGU because I'm so happy with it.
  3. I'd read that you pay $217/credit hour if you have less than 12 credits at the end of your term. It didn't say that they bill you for the whole term (3250) and then reimburse you. That wouldn't really make sense if you only have a few credits to finish. I'd ask about it if you're going to be in that position.
  4. LoveToHike

    WGU RN-BSN in 1 1/2 years??

    I started 3/1, work FT, and hope to get it done in 1 term. Since you only work 1 day/week you should easily be able to get it done in 1 term. P.S. my mentor is awesome! I think I hit the jackpot with her.
  5. LoveToHike

    Starting RN to BSN 3/1/13. Who's with me?

    That's too bad! I didn't mind the class, but wouldn't look forward to taking it again especially since I'm trying to finish in 1 term.
  6. LoveToHike

    Starting RN to BSN 3/1/13. Who's with me?

    Thanks for the info. I've learned (and relearned) a lot in the Health Assessment class. I'll be glad when the test is over... Why are you taking stats again?
  7. LoveToHike

    Starting RN to BSN 3/1/13. Who's with me?

    How has the stats class been? Is it a lot of calculations or is it mainly terms and concepts? I'd already taken it before starting WGU, and I've wondered how WGU's class compares to what I took. How was the test for Health Assessment? I'm scheduled to take mine on Saturday.
  8. Hi travelovingnurse - I also started 3/1 and am very happy with WGU so far. I had also worked through most of the Informatics course before my mentor suggested I work on Health Assessment while they fixed Informatics. That part was a bit frustrating, but WGU IS responding to the students and trying to make the test better (and they're doing it very quickly.) So far, I'm pretty happy I've chosen WGU!
  9. LoveToHike

    Bursar's office at WGU

    There's a check box on the 2012 1098-T that I have that asks if "the tuition is for a period starting Jan through March 2013."
  10. LoveToHike

    Bursar's office at WGU

    I had paid in December for an anticipated January 1 start date. I postponed my start date until March 1. After the Bursar's office refused to give me a 1098-T, I went to an IRS office and asked an agent very specifically about my situation. The IRS agent said that if the funds are paid in 2012 for classes that start during the first 3 months of 2013, the student is entitled to a 1098-T. If WGU allowed students to pay after they had started the term (like other colleges) then there wouldn't be an issue. I would have started in March and paid in March. But according to WGU policy, even students who are required to pay by Dec 22 for the Jan 1 start date still won't be entitled to the 1098-T for 2012. The Bursar's office won't give a 1098-T unless you attended classes in 2012. The IRS wants to know what we've paid. WGU doesn't follow the IRS rules and I would like to contact someone at WGU about a policy change but don't know who to contact. I have a 1098-T from another school for 2012 while doing my pre-req's for a BSN program, so that part qualifies me for the school attendance according to the IRS agent. The IRS also told me I could use my billing documentation from WGU as proof of what I'd paid during 2012, but that I may get contacted by the IRS since WGU won't give me a 1098-T.
  11. LoveToHike

    WGU RN to BSN Summer/Fall 2013

    I graduated in June of 2011 and have worked as a nurse since Oct 2011. I started the RN-BSN program 3/1/13 and like it so far. I have a great mentor and the classes are not that hard. Computer support people are great. The class focus isn't the same as while doing the initial RN program, so I wouldn't worry about forgetting things you'd learned in nursing school. The only problem I've had at WGU is with the Bursar's office.
  12. LoveToHike

    Bursar's office at WGU

    Anyone having problems with the bursar's office? I can't get my 1098-T out of them.
  13. LoveToHike

    Starting RN to BSN 3/1/13. Who's with me?

    There's a few of us on AN that are starting 3/1. Nikkibobicky you should have been contacted by your mentor already. I've been in e-mail contact with mine already. You might want to contact your Enrollment Counselor and ask.
  14. LoveToHike

    New Policy at WGU regarding admissions

    Can you volunteer somewhere and have that "work" count?
  15. LoveToHike

    Starting RN-BSN April 1

    Hi U2BCool - I start 3/1, too!