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  1. tortorRN

    Training/Orientation Salary

    I am in the process of possibly getting my first RN job! Here is a little background: This job is a brand new position in an allergy/immunology practice located in Maryland near DC. They had been hiring MAs and have a medical student as well. They are wanting to add an RN to the team so that they can make things run a little smoother and make things easier for the doctors. I would be responsible for allergy shots, allergy testing, medication administration per orders, assessments, PFTs, education, etc. They asked me how much I wanted to get paid for both training/orientation and then when I am fully trained- I said that I was willing to negotiate. They didn't like that answer, so I did a little research and came up with around $25-30/hr. Is this reasonable? My second question is how much is training in a specialty practice usually? I'm not hurting financially, but I don't want to be taken advantage of. Thanks y'all!
  2. tortorRN

    Moving to the area- have questions!

    Bumping this up since I'm moving there in a week! Passed my NCLEX a few weeks ago and I'm going to be ready to start applying for jobs once I arrive! Very nervous to see if I will even get hired anywhere.. I haven't heard good things about the market for new grad RNs out there.
  3. tortorRN

    Need help with HOW not "what" to study

    I'll share! I just recently passed my NCLEX for my RN last week and I graduated in May. I originally scheduled me test date in JULY, but had to reschedule it 4 times. I had several life events happen due to my husbands military career - moved to NY for a month then moved to TX. Then my husband and I visited family for several weeks while he had time off. I started 'kind of studying' in mid July when we were done. August came and then I truly started studying hard. Then mid August, I got a job and started for my BSN. I wasn't able to study for about 2 weeks because my place of employment was piling all of the hours onto me instead of hiring other people besides me. Finally I scheduled it for September 18th because that was the last week I could do it and I pushed myself to get there. Okay, done with story time.. time to talk about study materials: 1. Saunders - that's it. 2. PDA - really wanted to use it, but I ended up not having time to go through the questions. 3. NCSBN site - I told myself that if I failed I would use this site, heard very good things about it. How did I study? * I skipped the content and went straight to the questions. If I didn't get 76% or above that means I didn't know the material well so I would review the content I got wrong and briskly read over certain things that I definitely didn't recognize. I made sure to read the pyramid points. If I did get 76% or above, then I would still briskly read over the chapter but only regarding the questions I got wrong and pyramid points. I didn't spend a lot of time reading. I didn't get to do the CD - wish I did (I did the CD for my LPN). *Flashcards Writing things out helps me A LOT. So even if I didn't have a chance to review my cards before my test like I wanted to, I was able to remember things a bit easier during my test. The ones I DID review were electrolytes, fluids, and ABGs. I did flashcards to help me remember priorities for certain disorders or situations. Don't spend a TON of time on these (I DID and I wish I didn't), but doing some will only help you as long as you keep it simple and to the point. *Study one chapter, take a break. Repeat. I spent a LOT of time on each chapter. I even timed myself as I did the questions to add a little pressure. On the NCLEX you only have 1 minute and 21 seconds to spend on each question. If it was a short chapter, I would skip the break and go to the next chapter so that I wouldn't stop the momentum I had going. I studied about 4 to 6 hours everyday and would take a day off occasionally depending on family events or work usually once or twice a week. I did this from August until September with a 2 week hiatus. My studying was not consistent as far as time goes. I wish it was, but I did pass with ~120 questions after a little less than 3 hours.
  4. tortorRN

    UTA RN to BSN Online

    Well, I already have it set up so that I am a full time student and will likely be working full time.. I have not seen many discussions where people share their prospective schedules or their old course schedules. I've paired up each nursing course with one general course - so that it would be easy to handle if I am working full time. However if you have any suggestions, please feel free to share them.
  5. tortorRN

    PTSD as a result of nursing clinicals?

    I truly appreciate everyone's response. I no longer am experiencing any anxiety. I was extremely stressed out last week and I believe that contributed towards it. I do plan to see a doctor about this issue, but will not be until after I move across the country. I want to be able to overcome this and I hate that I can 'hear' my instructor's voices taunting me when I am feeling anxious. Also, I passed the NCLEX with 120ish questions in just under 3 hours! Woot! It was exactly the confidence booster I needed!
  6. This is crazy to even think of, but it was suggested to me by an instructor just before I graduated. Here's a little backstory... In my 2nd semester, I had a nursing instructor from hell. I was working my ass off like everyone else did, but definitely got targeted for weaknesses. As a result, I started suffering from anxiety which I had never experienced before in my life. Well when it came down to the final week, she had said that I didn't complete my paperwork (which she had stated we didn't need to complete all of it - just parts X and Y but not Z). Not everyone else completed it because some of us were assigned a 'trial' paperwork, but she told me she couldn't actually pass me on my final day of clinicals - which was a Friday. I had an exam the following Monday. Not only this, but my husband had deployed a few days prior. I bawled my eyes out and felt like it was the end of the world that entire weekend. I went and talked to the lead instructor on Monday before the exam and I was able to discuss exactly what happened. I got an email the following day stating that I passed clinicals and I never saw the clinical instructor again. Next 3 clinical rotations went great. But in my final clinical rotation, I had an instructor that just did not mesh well with my personality. He was fun with all of the other students, but never with me. So when I would make a joke, he would not even flinch. I was very hurt by it and felt that he just did not like me and singled me out. He made me feel like I was failing on my paperwork every single week by his comments, yet I was getting the top grade I could on them. He literally made me feel like **** and I lost all of my confidence during that rotation (perfect timing, right before graduation!!). I started experiencing some severe anxiety where I would get tunnel visioned and I could not focus to save my life. In fact, he asked me if I had ADD or ADHD and went as far as saying I may have some form of PTSD as a result of my previous clinical rotation (I thought this was very unprofessional). My patient care was excellent, my thinking was not quite all there because I thought could never do anything right in the eyes of this instructor. I went to the doctor and I was prescribed Xanax PRN just for clinical days just to get through the rest of the rotation. It worked wonders and I definitely worked my ass off even more. In the final week, I STILL felt like I wasn't passing by how this instructor treated me. So I went to the head clinical instructor and she reassured me that everything was fine and that I was passing. I passed and I graduated. Fast forward to now, I'm days before my NCLEX exam and I'm now suffering from some anxiety (haven't had an issue until now). I keep getting flashbacks to my worst moments in nursing school. I literally feel horrible after even thinking about my experiences. The other night, I couldn't sleep, I had palpitations (which freaked my husband out lol), and I was very nauseous because of the stressful thoughts I was having. I've gone back and forth on whether or not if I should even be an RN just because of the anxiety that this has caused me. I know I need to see a therapist and can't at the moment because I will be moving very soon. I plan to see a doctor regarding this issue when I move. I guess I am curious if there are others that may have the same issue as a result of nursing school. Does this sound possibly like PTSD - or was my instructor just blowing smoke? I definitely know anxiety is involved but I just wanted to make sure I'm seeing the right kind of specialist when I do move. Also, please send all positive thoughts as I complete my NCLEX in TWO days. Ahhhh! I truly can't wait to get my credentials after my name!
  7. tortorRN

    UTA RN to BSN Online

    If anyone is planning to take any of these classes at the same time as I am, please feel free to send me a message to connect! I would not mind having an accountability partner!
  8. tortorRN

    UTA RN to BSN Online

    FNPHereICome - There is a Facebook group for the fall AP RN TO BSN students. I've deactivated my Facebook otherwise I would tell you the exact name of the group. Here is my course plan of action as of now: Fall 2014 8/18 to 10/10 - ENGL 1302 (8 wks) 3 credits 8/18 to 10/10 BIOL 3309 (8 wks) 3 credits 11/3 to 12/5 ENGL 2338 (5 wks) 3 credits 11/3 to 2/13 NURS 3645 (10 wks) 6 credits TOTAL CREDITS: 15 TOTAL TUITION : 3054 Spring 2015 - taking two 8 wk courses and three 5 week courses (dates approximate) 1/20 to 2/? - Older Adult (5 wks) 3 credits 1/27 to 3/? - General* (8 wks) 3 credits 3/3 to 4/? - Health Promotion (5 wks) 3 credits 3/17 to 5/? - General* (8 wks) 3 credits 3/31 to 5/? - Legacy of the Family (5 wks) 3 credits TOTAL CREDITS: 15 TOTAL TUITION: 3321 SUMMER 2015 - taking one 5 week course (dates approximate) 6/8 to 7/? - Health Assessment (5 wks) 3 credits TOTAL CREDITS: 3 TOTAL TUITION: 771 FALL 2015 - taking three 5 week courses and one 8 week course 8/? to 9/? - Research (5 wks) 3 credits 9/? to 10/? - Mgmt (5 wks) 3 credits 10/? to 12/? - General* (8 wks) 3 credits 11/? to 12/? - Vulnerable Populations (5 wks) 3 credits TOTAL CREDITS - 12 TOTAL TUITION - 2817 SPRING 2016 - three 8 wk courses and one 5 wk course 1/? to 3/? - General* (8 wks) 3 credits 1/? to 3/? - General* (8 wks) 3 credits 3/? to 5/? - General* (8 wks) 3 credits 4/? to 5/? - Capstone (5 wks) 3 credits TOTAL CREDITS: 12 TOTAL TUITION: 2283 *General Courses choices: Sociology, US History I, US History II, US Gov't, TX Gov't, English Elective. I will be choosing these as I go throughout the program. I spent A LOT of time trying to figure out the patterns for UTA's courses and there is a pattern. I would suggest setting up your schedule before hand so that you don't end up taking a longer time in completing the degree program. Total tuition for me will be approximately $12,246 and that's with A LOT of extra courses that did not transfer in. It's not too much more than the $9k that was advertised by UTA (which was only nursing courses and nursing electives).
  9. tortorRN

    UTA RN to BSN Online

    RunHeatherRun, you are literally the best! I emailed my advisor regarding my Stats course I previously took and they took the credits! Woot! One less class I have to complete. Last night, I actually sat down and figured out how UTA works as far as their class scheduling... and laid out the order of courses that I should take them in and what to take them with. I'll post it at a later time when I have more time to type it up (it's long!).
  10. tortorRN

    UTA RN to BSN Online

    I've been accepted into the RN to BSN program and have an expected start date in August. I'm still trying to understand how the courses work and how to lay them out so that I can take them efficiently without missing a term. I won't be working this fall so I expect to take on a FULL load! Hopefully I will have an RN job by 2015 so I will of course lighten up my load when it's time. This is where I need your guys' help!! Transferred/Completed Courses: A&P 1 A&P 2 Microbiology Psychology Developmental Psychology Art Appreciation College Algebra Composition 1 General Courses Left: Sociology US History Prior to 1865 US History After 1865 US Govt TX Govt Statistics (Note: I took this, withdrew the first time because I accidentally enrolled into an accelerated course. Took it a second time and passed with an A - UTA did not transfer this in and only looked at the first Statistics course... this happen to anyone else??) Composition 2 Another Literature Course (Any suggestions here??) Technical Writing Upper Division Elective (Suggestions?) Upper Division Nursing (Suggestions?) And of course the rest of the Nursing Courses What courses would work well together and what ones will need to be taken with a lighter load? My strengths are Math/Science subjects. I'm about average at writing. I'm okay at history/government (not looking forward to those classes... and theres FOUR I have to take!) P.S. I'm sure this question gets asked A LOT! I tried searching it and it seemed like a lot of the posts were older.
  11. tortorRN

    UTA RN to BSN Online Fall 2014

    Just got my acceptance yesterday! I have to take 27 general course credits still -_-
  12. tortorRN

    Moving to the area- have questions!

    Wow you guys are very helpful!! Wana_Mama, do you have names of the agencies that would help spouses find jobs to help me point in the right direction? Also, it's legal to hold multiple licenses depending on residency, correct? So for example, I would originally get a MI license (my home state), then endorse to MD and the DC area (just to cover all of my bases as we will be there at least a few years). That wouldn't be a problem since they are not compact states, right? I just want to make sure I'm understanding this all correctly. One last question, I heard from someone who stated that I had to keep up my original license no matter where I went. Is this true? I've heard from MI BON that it's not true for MI.
  13. Hello there, I am a recent RN grad from a MI ADN school. My husband's military career is taking us to Bestheda, MD in September/October where he will be working at Walter Reed. I know absolutely nothing about the area and we will likely be living relatively close to Walter Reed. I've googled the area and I'm overwhelmed with the information I've seen. I'm *probably* going to get a Maryland RN license. I am curious about a few things: - What hospitals hire new grads or have residency programs? - Since MD, VA, and DC are close in proximity.. Where do you have your license from and where do you work? - I know most hospitals will hire ADN and BSN educated nurses, but are there any that will NOT hire an ADN educated nurse? - If I end up getting a MD license but hired in DC, how does that work do they allow you to practice with a MD license or do you have to apply for one in DC? Sorry for the numerous questions, but I appreciate any of the information you are able to share!!
  14. Suit? Business casual? Scrubs? Please state your reasoning behind your choice :) Gonna be a new grad soon and I've heard different things from different people.. Thanks!
  15. tortorRN

    Residency programs in San Antonio

    Following. I'm graduating in May and will be moving to SA in July. Hopefully someone responds. I can't seem to figure out when residency applications are due for each hospital.